Delicious Food Themed Pokies On A Virtual Plate – How Do You Like Yours?

By Gavin Harper Updated: February 2023

A well-chosen, fun, captivating, or, why not, unique theme can make the difference between a successful game of pokies, a mediocre one, and a total failure. When designing new games of pokies, themes are not only essential for the shine and spark they add to any gameplay session but they are also powerful magnets for aficionados who are solely interested in playing certain themed games with the most engaging stories, characters, designs, oftentimes life-changing jackpot prizes, loads of free spin bonuses, free rounds, multipliers and many more.

Among some of the most popular and sought-after themes in the pokie world, we can mention movies, superheroes, mythology, and, of course, food. Food-themed pokies for real money are a primary point of focus at most casinos, given the fact that most players are, of course, hungry for wins. Secondly, a lot of people are foodies and they love to be surrounded by anything food-related. Thirdly, who doesn't enjoy the familiarity of a huge pizza, some sweet doughnuts, and other comfort foods that are usually part of food-themed pokies?

If you are curious to know what are some of the most popular food-themed slots to play right now, and who are the software providers behind them, keep reading. But first…

What Makes Food-Themed Pokies So Sought-After?

As the name suggests, food-themed pokies are games of slots with themes that revolve around food, be it cooking utensils, coffee shops, restaurants, chefs, candies, and so on. These games feature a variety of specific food-related designs, backgrounds, storylines, and symbols and they are naturally found at any reputable casino for real money dedicated to players Down Under.

They can be played both for free, in practice mode or for real money and they are incredibly appealing since they look fun and convenient to play, given the fact that players are familiar, if not craving for the foods and dishes they display.

Food-themed slots often times introduce players to unique cuisines from different parts of the world, carrying them on a wonderful culinary journey online which may end up with a nice twist – an unexpected progressive jackpot win.

Popular Food-Themed Pokies You Need To Have A Taste Of

With a large variety of software developers putting their clever and innovative ideas into practice 24/7, new food themed pokies see the light of day every month, if not more often. In other words, you will never feel bored or disappointed by having to play the same games over and over again, as fresh ones will keep on coming your way.

Try the following games on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and enjoy the experience!


You are probably at least familiar with the popular Oktoberfest festival held in Europe on a yearly basis if you are not also a frequent participant. How would you like to see the festival be transferred onto your screen, in the form of 5 colourful reels and 9 potentially rewarding pay lines? If you cannot travel to Germany for this year's edition, at least get a taste of your favourite beer flavours of different and those special German wursts and other dishes to die for specific to the German people by playing No Limit City's game. While the festival is mostly dedicated to beer, millions travel to Munich and the Bavaria region and are completely blown away by everything they discover here, ranging from the tasty food and the delicious local brews while local folklore music is playing in the background.

The game is an original and visually attractive pokie game with high stakes and four different wild symbols to cross your fingers for throughout the game. The game features medium volatility and it is an incredibly dynamic as well as addictive one. Its symbols are represented by crafter beer mugs, as well as local foods and event he festival outfits that participants wear during Oktoberfest. Definitely, a game that will send you straight into the mood to win some money!

Mexican Cook

If you happen to love spicy Mexican food, this game is for you. The 5-reel, 15-pay lines game features plenty of tasty nachos and fire-breathing hot peppers symbols, as well as sweet tomatoes and even fun sombrero hats for a full Mexican experience. The game was developed by the guys at World Match and it features many different types of bonuses for a spicy Mexican gameplay experience.

Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar PokieBetSoft's game features incredibly appealing graphics. The symbols look mouth-watering, especially if you are a big fan of sushi and the overall gaming experience is a fully immersive one that will leave you hungry for some takeout after you will be done playing the game. Of course, hitting a few lucky symbol combos could also bring you some nice wins, so you may end up making reservations at a luxury sushi restaurant in the area.

The game is just another masterpiece from the popular software developer known for its amazingly engaging animations and advanced graphics and it revolves around a highly realistic sushi restaurant in Japan. The game counts 3 rows, 5 reels, as well as 25 pay lines and it introduces players to the talented Super Chef Haru coking the tastiest rolls and making all kinds of motivational sounds you normally hear inside sushi restaurant kitchens.

Another cool thing to mention here is the fact that every time a player hits the spin button, he will see Super Chef Haru chopping and slicing the ingredients, presenting a tasty plate filled with Sushi rolls. Next, Chef Haru will then take a quick look at the board, glimpse at your winnings and keep motivating you to earn even more and, why not, double your wins.

These are just a few of the most fun food-themed pokies you could try today, with titles like Food Fight by RTG and Fruit Shop by NetEnt part of the same list.

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