FIFA23 World Cup Edition

By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

FIFA23 is the latest installment in the popular video gaming series developed by Electronic Arts and licensed by the namesake Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). It’s a curious fact, but FIFA 23, and the game series as a whole, have become more popular than the actual federation, and even the sport itself. People do love football, it seems, but they do not love the governing body much.

This is okay, because thanks to FIFA 23 and Electronic Arts, fans and eSports fans from all over the world do have access to one of the best virtual interpretations of the sport. Not only that, but this year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be featured as part of FIFA 23. There is a special FIFA World Cup mode coming, and it will cover both the men’s and women’s competitions.

FIFA 23 was released on September 27, 2022, but Electronic Arts clearly have plans to make the game as pertinent as ever for the upcoming Men’s and Women’s World Cup as well. This article focuses on the esports World Cup, which is easily beginning to rival the real sport, which is simply incredible to think about.

When Was FIFA 23 Released?

FIFA 23 was released just in time for the World Cup in Qatar, and while the Men’s championship usually gets a lot more viewership, FIFA’s Women’s Cup is also doing very well. Both competitions have been planned for FIFA 23, the video game as well.

The series, as mentioned earlier, was released on September 27, 2022, and the date coincides with the upcoming events. But does this mean that you would be able to appreciate the World Cup if you buy FIFA 23? Well, it turns out that you would definitely be able to after all.

What Is FIFA 23 World Cup Mode?

The FIFA series and Electronic Arts have been consistent when there is a World Cup around. Those of you who played in 2014 and 2018 do remember the arrival of a World Cup Mode to celebrate one of the most significant competitions in the sport. But what is this World Cup after all? Well, it’s pretty much a virtual reality version – more or less – of the two events that are taking place in Qatar this year, and the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand to be hosted in 2023.

The World Cup Mode will be free to download and play, which means that anyone who has purchased the FIFA 23 game. This will give FIFA 23 and football fans around the world a real chance to be a part of the action. The mode itself will make for a very streamlined experience, making it easy for gamers to actually enjoy themselves with their favourite players who are always easy to obtain and there is no need for many if any in-game purchases.

What Are the New Features of FIFA 23?

Electronic Arts have really done much to keep fans happy for the new game. Players can enjoy a number of excellent new features that are designed to bolster gameplay and experience. There is a bunch of cool things available in the game already as you may already know. First of all, you have the Pro Clubs and Volta Football. There is the Matchday Experience and Unrivalled Authenticity.

You can enjoy the Career Mode and always come back for more of the FIFA Ultimate Team. There is also a big emphasis on Women’s football, which is precisely what Electronic Arts is trying to promote through the new title and make it more appealing to broader audiences, which is well worth it. Introducing FIFA’s Women Club Football has been long in the works, especially after the game became so popular

Did FIFA 23 Accidently Leak Its World Cup Mode

Interestingly enough, Electronic Arts did a bit of a blunder in the run-up to the FIFA 23 hype and release dates. The World Cup mode actually ended up leaking up for the PlayStation 5 gaming platform, in a surprising and unexpected turn of events. Enough data was collected by avid fans to piece together the puzzle and get a good read of the mode. Nevertheless, the World Cup Mode has proven to be everything that fans expected it to be, and this leak is definitely only helping boost its popularity.

World Cup for Men – Good Teams in FIFA 23

In terms of what teams are expected to perform well in the Men’s World Cup, there are quite a few great teams for the FIFA 23 video game. They include France, Germany, England, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands, and not least Brazil. You can even have your own Socceroo team.

World Cup for Women – Good Teams in FIFA 23

For the women’s team, we would strongly recommend turning to more popular names, such as England, Spain, the United States, Sweden, Iceland, China, and France. All of these teams hold a good promise to do well.

How Do You Enter FIFA 23 Esports?

To enter FIFA 23 eSports, you simply need to go to the road map for this year. It will provide you with in-game qualifiers that you can participate in remotely from your own home. This means that you can plan ahead, practice on your own terms, and generally have a blast. Signing up does not require any specialist knowledge or skill, but you would still need to outperform everyone else if you want to progress!

The World Cup Starts On November 20th 2022

Yes They are in Group D