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Ryan White
by Ryan White

In the first six months since its implementation in August of the previous year, the Australian government’s gambling exclusion register, BetStop, has seen significant uptake, with over 18,000 individuals, predominantly under the age of 40, registering to block themselves from online gambling services. This initiative provides a crucial tool for those grappling with gambling addiction.

Extended Exclusion Periods and Lifelong Commitments

The data reveals that a substantial number of users, over 16,000, have chosen to extend their exclusion beyond the minimum three-month period, with more than a third opting for lifelong exclusion. This reflects a strong commitment to combating gambling addiction among the registrants.

Government and Ministerial Response

Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth expressed satisfaction with the response to BetStop, noting its success in attracting younger players, a demographic that constitutes the majority of online gamblers in Australia. The government has also reported over 8 billion real-time checks against the register by online gambling services, ensuring compliance with the exclusion requests.

Ongoing Challenges and Future Measures

Despite the success of BetStop, the federal government continues to face challenges in addressing severe gambling addiction. There is ongoing debate over additional measures, such as the recommendation from a parliamentary committee to ban gambling advertising within three years. Minister Rishworth highlighted the importance of the House of Representatives report and the government’s commitment to a thorough and deliberative response.

Broader Initiatives to Combat Gambling Addiction

The establishment of the BetStop register is part of a wider effort by the federal government to combat gambling addiction. Other measures include the prohibition of credit card use for online gambling and the implementation of more comprehensive disclosures in gambling advertising. These initiatives collectively aim to provide a safer and more responsible gambling environment in Australia.

Online Gambling Self-Exclusion Register:BetStop

BetStop, Australia’s pioneering national self-exclusion scheme, has seen an impressive response from the country’s residents since its introduction in August. It is part of the national policy of promoting responsible gambling. Almost 10,000 Australians have registered for the program, demonstrating a strong commitment to responsible gambling.

The Launch of BetStop

BetStop was officially launched on August 21, 2023, providing a comprehensive platform for consumers to self-exclude from all licensed interactive wagering service providers. This encompasses both online and telephone-based operators, giving players a wide range of options to ensure their well-being.

Diverse Demographic Appeal : The Flexibility of Betstop

Official government statistics reveal that a significant portion of the registrants are under the age of 40, highlighting the diverse demographic appeal of the program.

One of the key features of BetStop is its flexibility. Players can opt for self-exclusion periods ranging from a minimum of three months to a lifetime. Early data suggests that the majority of sign-ups are opting for a lifetime exclusion, and the entire registration process typically takes less than five minutes.

In addition to self-exclusion, BetStop also allows for the nomination of support persons. Over 1,200 individuals have been nominated as support persons by registered users. These support persons play a crucial role in assisting those on their self-exclusion journey.

Betstop: Promoting Responsible Gambling

Licensed wagering providers are mandated to promote BetStop on their websites, apps, and marketing materials, and compliance with this requirement is being monitored by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Government’s Commitment To Responsinle Gambling

Michelle Rowland MP, the Minister for Communications, expressed her appreciation for BetStop’s impact, saying, “The Albanese government is committed to minimizing the harms associated with gambling online. That’s why we launched BetStop as the final measure of the National Consumer Protection Framework for Online Wagering. It’s fantastic to see BetStop making a big difference to nearly 10,000 Australians.”

Amanda Rishworth MP, the Minister for Social Services, added, “Our government is focused on preventing and minimizing the harm caused by online wagering. We’ve taken a number of positive steps towards achieving that goal. We know minimizing the harm caused by online wagering is not a set-and-forget exercise. Our government is working closely with our state and territory counterparts on what comes next now all measures under the National Consumer Protection Framework have been implemented.”

BetStop is part of the broader National Consumer Protection Framework, which includes various measures designed to combat gambling harm in Australia. In addition to BetStop, mandatory pre-verification was introduced last month, requiring operators to verify a customer’s identity before they can start betting.

Betstop To Reduce Gambling Harm

Credit Card Ban and Responsible Gambling

Australia has also implemented a credit card ban for online wagering, aligning online gambling with the existing ban on credit card gambling at land-based facilities. Furthermore, the government has introduced evidence-based taglines to replace “Gamble Responsibly” and implemented nationally consistent training for staff in the sector.

BetStop’s success highlights the commitment of the Australian government and its citizens to promote responsible gambling and minimize the potential harm associated with online wagering.

The landscape of online gambling in Australia has undergone a significant change, offering hope to those who have been impacted by gambling harm. The introduction of a self-exclusion register at real money online casinos, allows individuals to proactively protect themselves from online gambling companies. This marks a crucial step towards curbing the harm and being an effective responsible gambling tool.

Simplified Self-Exclusion Process

Kate Seselja, spokesperson for the Alliance for Gambling Reform, emphasizes the significance of this register in providing a comprehensive solution for individuals affected by gambling harm. Currently, individuals can exclude themselves from specific companies, but this often leads to a never-ending cycle of multiple companies reaching out to them, exacerbating the problem. With the introduction of the self-exclusion register, individuals will have a simplified and streamlined process to safeguard themselves not only from domestic operators but also from overseas companies that exploit the lack of gambling harm protections in Australia.

Lifetime Exclusion and Consideration

One of the key challenges with online gambling is the proliferation of multiple accounts across various platforms. As people become heavily involved in gambling, the number of accounts they hold increases, making it even more difficult to self-exclude effectively. However, the new register offers a potential solution by providing individuals the option to self-exclude for life. This raises the question of whether someone may want to lift the lifetime ban in the future for limited gambling activities. While the exact details are yet to be finalized, the process is expected to involve specific time frames and cooling-off periods to ensure that the decision to lift the ban is carefully considered. These measures aim to protect individuals from impulsivity and to prevent them from falling back into harmful gambling patterns.

Addressing Ineffectiveness with BetStop

Current self-exclusion registers have faced criticism for their ineffectiveness. Individuals can sign up and gain access to gambling platforms within 72 hours, before their identities are verified. Recognizing this flaw, the Australian government has decided to implement mandatory pre-verification, compelling wagering service providers to verify a person’s identity before they can create an account or place a bet. This crucial step ensures that self-exclusion measures are properly enforced, reducing the risk of relapse.

The introduction of BetStop is set to revolutionize the self-exclusion process for online gambling platforms. With a single touch, individuals can exclude themselves from all forms of online wagering, spanning from three months to a lifetime. This comprehensive approach ensures that individuals are shielded from temptation and cannot open new accounts or place bets. Furthermore, companies will be strictly prohibited from directly marketing to those on the self-exclusion register.

Welcome Changes from All Parties Involved

The implementation of BetStop and mandatory pre-verification has garnered support from both anti-gambling groups and the gambling industry itself. Responsible gambling organizations in Australia, such as Responsible Wagering Australia, emphasize the importance of providing a safe and regulated environment for all members. The introduction of these measures ensures that individuals struggling with gambling addiction receive the necessary support while maintaining the integrity of the industry.

Wagering service providers face significant penalties if they fail to comply with the new regulations. Companies could potentially incur fines of up to $230,000 per day for non-compliance. Consequently, the focus for these organizations lies in avoiding penalties and fines by adhering to the guidelines and ensuring their operations align with the new register’s requirements. People must learn how to choose a safe online casino and that will help implement this new element. However, it’s important to note that these providers will also need to contribute to a new levy designed to fund the $40 million register. The Australian Communications and Media Authority will oversee the regulation and operation of this register.

Addressing Offshore and Illegal Operators

An important aspect of the self-exclusion register is its ability to address not only the operations of domestic online gambling companies but also the activities of offshore and illegal operators. The lack of effective safeguards has made Australia an attractive target for such entities, exploiting the absence of stringent regulations. While efforts have been made to shut down illicit sites, they often resurface through mirror sites, making it a game of whack-a-mole for regulators. However, the focus on the sports gambling and wagering companies operating in other jurisdictions is seen as a crucial step in establishing a more stringent regulatory environment. This shift aims to ensure that companies operating in Australia comply with the highest standards and prioritize the well-being of their customers.

Urgent Need for Gambling Reform

The need for stronger gambling regulations is underscored by the findings of an inquiry into the online gambling space. Australia has been identified as the country with the highest percentage of gambling losses globally, with a staggering 40% gap compared to Singapore, the next closest nation. The report highlights the urgent necessity for comprehensive gambling reform in Australia. For over a decade, the industry has operated with minimal restrictions and has significantly impacted individuals, households, and communities, resulting in substantial financial losses. The time has come to address this issue head-on and protect Australians from the adverse effects of gambling harm.

Positive Shift in Public Sentiment

Recent developments also indicate a positive shift in public sentiment and awareness regarding gambling-related issues. Companies are being compelled to adopt more responsible practices, including the provision of monthly balance sheets to customers. The tone of gambling advertisements has also changed, with a shift towards a more realistic portrayal of the risks involved. Rather than merely providing a quick disclaimer, the ads now emphasize the potential for significant financial loss. These changes reflect a growing recognition of the need for responsible gambling practices and signal a broader societal support for national gambling reform.


The establishment of an online gambling self-exclusion register represents a significant milestone in addressing the gambling harm crisis in Australia. By allowing individuals to proactively protect themselves from online gambling companies, the register offers a vital tool to those experiencing harm and acts as a preventive measure for potential victims. It is a clear message to the industry that the well-being of Australians cannot be compromised, and that necessary steps will be taken to ensure a safer and more regulated gambling environment.

As Australia embarks on this journey towards comprehensive gambling reform, it is crucial to continue advocating for effective safeguards, robust regulations, and enhanced support services for individuals affected by gambling harm. By working together, we can build a future where gambling-related harm is minimized, and the well-being of all Australians is prioritized.

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