Poker Tournaments for Australian Poker Enthusiasts

By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

Poker is one of the most popular online casino games and draws millions of players in Australia and worldwide. Aussies have many exciting poker tournaments, including the APT, WPT and online events offering millions in reward money. Thanks to online casinos, there’s a major tournament really often, and players have games around the clock and a chance to win real money. Here’s an overview of the best poker tournaments for Australian poker enthusiasts:

1. Gold Coast Events

The latest news is there are two WTP events at the Star Gold Coast in Australia. The WPT Prime Gold Coast Festival will take place between 9-20 of June this year. There is a $1500 buy-in and players who enter are competing on an enhanced global platform. Australia is excited to have poker players come visit the beautiful casinos for the first time in a long time. The main event starts on the 16th of June.

The Star Gold Coast Festival is a $5,400 buy-in. After the great success of the WPTDeepStacks Main Event it will return in September between the 15 and 27. This event will be live-streamed and promises a bigger prize pool than before

2.     Sydney Events

Sydney is home to some of the best poker tournaments in the world. The Australian Poker Tour (APT) Season V just ended with more than $1.5 million awarded. The event kicked off 2022 with more than 4800, but all eyes are now on the upcoming APT Sydney. This March, starting from 21st to 27th, APT will run a tournament estimated to surpass the $1.5 Million prize money rewarded in the concluded event. Players should watch out for Event 15, the Main Event of a 30-events tournament. Winners stand to win an estimate of $300,000. The World Poker Tour (WPT) also has lined games for Sydney. The 2019 debutant tournament has grown into Australians, and there’ll be a World Poker Tour Deepstacks (WPTDS) in Sydney from 30th March to 11th April. The 11-event tournament’s main game is Event 7, with a $1,500 buy-in and multiple reentries.

3.     Adelaide Events

poker tournament 1

Poker tournaments are either coming to Adeline or just concluded, setting up a scene of regular events. Adelaide set up one of the first poker tournaments of 2022, the Stacked Poker Championship. The event runs from 28th January to 7th February, and previous events were held in May 2021. The Stacked Poker Championship is becoming a phenomenon in Australia, and you can tell by the entries it attracts, and lucrative payouts winners walk away with. In 2021 alone, the tournament had 563 entries awarding $507,780 in prize money. The main event winner walked away with $75,000, entries increased by more than 75%, and payouts increased by 50%. With massive payouts and more participants, APT fans can still look forward to Adelaide poker tours. The upcoming APT Adelaide event is scheduled for 12th to 17th July 2022; the location will be determined. Poker enthusiasts can also anticipate one more Stacked Poker Championship.

4.     Melbourne Events

Melbourne is another top destination for poker tournaments, including the Australian Poker League Poker Tour (APLPT) and the Australian Poker Tour. The APLPT kicked off 2022 in Queensland, rewarding more than $548,000 over 21 tournaments. Next up was the Melbourne APL Poker Tour, run with an estimated award of $750. The event was held at the Club Italia Sporting Club and featured 21 events, with the main event winner walking away with $46,080 from a $233,400 prize pool. Melbourne APLPT also had 2300+ entries and a cumulative prize pool of $1,086,030. These figures might not mean much, but it’s double the payout rewarded in Queensland, making APLPT one of Melbourne’s top poker tournaments. Players can also look forward to annual poker tours and online games. Unfortunately, the Aussie Millions Poker Championship, Crown Poker Championship, Melbourne Poker Championship and Victorian Poker Championship usually held at Crown Melbourne are currently put on hold.

5.     Brisbane Events

Brisbane is a gambling city, and poker is one of the top games in online casinos and local joints. Poker tournament enthusiasts in the city have various events to look forward to in a calendar year, including APTs, WPTs and Treasury tournaments. 2022 kicked off to a great start with the first iteration of the Treasury Poker Festival. As such, the event was held from 28th January with buy-ins from $220 to $1,500. Nine events were organized, with the main event receiving 364 entries for the $364,000 prize pool. The main event winner walked off with $76,433, and several other players won between $6,000 and $23,000, so you can tell the next Treasury Poker Festival will be even bigger. In addition, poker tournament enthusiasts will have a chance to enjoy the Australian Poker Tour Brisbane scheduled for 5th to 11th September 2022. The event will go down at Eatons Hill, and very few tours can match the Brisbane events.

6.     Online Events

Online poker tournaments attract millions of viewers and enthusiasts worldwide. You can explore poker tournaments in Australian gambling sites like Ignition Casino or wait for big competitions like WSOP. The World Series of Poker announced its schedule of events for 2022 and features live and online tournaments. WSOP poker events will start from 31st May and end on 17th July after 88 events. The event will also feature a Tournament of Champions (TOC) at the very end, offering a freeroll with more than $1 million in prize money.

Biggest Poker Tournaments for Aussies

Aussies have many huge poker tournaments, including the WSOP, WPT, ANZPT, APT, APPT and Aussie Millions. The World Series of Poker is arguably the biggest poker event globally, followed by the World Poker Tour. PokerStars Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour is another successful tournament, and so is the Asian Poker Tour and Asian pacific Poker Tour organized by PokerStars. 

Crown Australian Poker Championship

Aussie Millions is one of the biggest poker tournaments in Australia, organized by Crown Melbourne. Unfortunately, Aussie Millions 2022 tournament has been put on hold until further notice. In addition, all events due to take place in 2022 at the infamous Crown Melbourne Casino have been put on hold.

The WSOP is the biggest poker tournament and offers huge pooled prizes and rewards. WPT, APT and ANZPT are also top poker tournaments.

Players can walk away with thousands of dollars. Each tournament is different, so the payouts vary. Main even winners can bag up to $80,000 or more.

To participate in poker tournaments, you simply need to purchase your seat at the table. The tournaments feature various events, some of which accommodate reentries.