Real-Time Gaming When Gaming Is Serious Business

By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

RTG is the world’s #1 casino software provider. Founded in 1998, RTG has gone on to provide online casinos with games and solutions for over two decades and is currently headquartered in Atlanta. As one of the oldest providers in the industry, they’ve been honoured with numerous industry awards for their software. A big part of the success of the slot games is thanks to their variety and importantly, business intelligence and monitoring they offer to casino owners that implement them.

RTG Products Loved In Australia

In light of the company slogan, “taking gaming seriously”, RTG is offering a comprehensive suite of products, including:

  1. Mobile products
  2. Kiosk products
  3. Affiliates
  4. Agency systems
  5. Powerful backends
  6. Flash and download options
  7. Progressive jackpot games
  8. Branded games
  9. Business intelligence
  10. Strong API’s

Real-time gaming has hundreds of unique and popular online casino games, table games, slot games, and video poker machines. The idea behind their wide range of games is to continually add to the content library they support so that every casino using their products and every player using those casinos can have an enjoyable experience. Casino operators get back-office solutions so that they can manage each of the games, check out critical indicators like API’s indicative of new players they have acquired or converted with long-term accounts, and the level of conversion they have from people who look at the website versus sign up for the website. All of this office support is available for desktop and mobile devices. 

Over 300 new and classic games are available throughout the mobile products, kiosk products, Flash and download options, and more. This company releases new games every month across all of its channels to ensure that converted players get retained by enjoying access to new and exciting material. 

Some of their more exclusive features for the suite of games they provide include a feature guarantee, jackpot pyramids, and more. RTG gives a high-quality video feed following operating procedures for different table games that players would find in Las Vegas for live dealer games. This increase is affiliate interest and profitability while also giving players access to their favourite table games in a live dealer capacity.

There are tournaments RTG gives with tangible benefits to players no matter what type of game they play across which platform. There are ways to increase the competitive marketplaces for casino operators and players alike with tournaments.

RTG Markets

Currently, the largest market for RTG is the Asia Pacific, and RTG casinos in Australia are no exception. Australia is one of their biggest, growing markets. Aussie-based growth has contributed significantly to the already impressive growth over the last seven years during which time RTG has capitalized on the $173 billion global gambling market and increased by nearly 10% newly registered players. 

Their live dealer and mobile suites have become increasingly popular over the last few years, mainly thanks to COVID. However, predictions for the fastest-growing markets extend to the Middle East and Africa in the next few years. Their growth is steady and impressive, such that over the last seven years, they have capitalized on the $173 billion global gambling market from 2021 and increased 9.64% of newly registered players. 

Company History and Latest Developments

In light of these developments and market growth potential, RTG encourages a range of new technologies. Today the company is owned by Hastings International, operating out of the Netherlands. They have continued to expand their operations around the globe improving in update and casino software in instant play and download format while also adding to the list of games they support every month. 

Part of the way they have successfully expanded into other markets and continue to do so is by offering a multi-channel delivery product, keeping track of what games are the most popular, which games players have recently played, adding to the list of table games and slots available, while also making it easier for mobile users to access a secure and straightforward layout when they play at any given RTG Casino. Casino operators can facilitate instant play channels or download channels with user-friendly designs on tablets, smartphones, and regular computers. 

These winning business strategies will continue in the years ahead as RTG battles Net Entertainment, Microgaming, and iSoftBet. They have put research and development into expanding their markets for mobile users. Given how seriously RTG takes gaming, there is no doubt that they will continue to push their company forward using the same tried and true techniques.