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RTP Online Pokies

Online pokies are the main attraction of every gambling site out there and their RTP is an integral part of their make-up. Pokies are famous for their simple playability and enticing designs. However, they have a variable payout system that can be understood once you read this simple guide. The design, soundtrack, and catchy effects of online pokies will enhance the experience.

Although pokies are popular among gamblers, not many are aware of their basic terminologies. Winning real money at an online casino requires strategies and pokies do not differ in this regard. However, online pokies work differently than a majority of casino games, and to strategize at slots it is important to understand a few aspects of it. 

You may have come across some of these terms during your journey through virtual casinos. We will show you exactly what they mean and provide you with some tips on playing online pokies so you can use them to your advantage.

What is RTP?

RTP, also known as Return to Player, is a fundamental game engine in slot machines. The RTP is the payback percentage of pokies that describes the total amount the slot has to pay back the player over a large number of spins. 

More specifically, the RTP shows the sum of stakes a pokie will return to the player in the form of winnings over a certain period of time, mostly the number of spins that can be near-infinite. RTP percentages of online pokies generally range between 94% to 99%.

Why is RTP important in Slots?

RTP is important as it indicates the odds of a player’s winnings. Pokies with a high RTP rate show greater chances of winning. Paying attention to the RTP can affect your victory and your chances of winning big. Beginners mostly focus on the bonuses and aesthetics of online pokies when the RTP is more important as it determines your chances of winning.

What is a good RTP for slots?

 RTP of 96% is the standard for a majority of slot machines. Any percentage below the mark is considered average or worse. A slot game with an RTP of 96% means the remaining 4% is the house edge and the online casino is keeping $4 if a group of players placed a bet of $100 collectively. The remaining $96 is then distributed as winnings among players.

Return to Player Calculation:

Calculating the RTP of slots is easier than most online casino games. It is calculated by dividing the total amount returned to players by the total amount wagered by players. 

RTP should not be mistaken for expected winnings during gaming sessions as they are not indicators. Remember the percentage of RTP does not highlight your expected winnings. It is also calculated over a large number of spins, usually millions or almost infinite. 

What is Volatility?

Volatility or variance as it is also called is one of the most crucial details that cannot be overlooked when at a real money casino online. Volatility determines how risky a slot is to play or how frequent the payouts are. 

It is usually expressed in numbers on a scale of 1 to 10 and classified as low, medium, or high. There is no industry standard for calculating a game’s volatility as game providers show volatility differently. 

Slots payouts and volatility go together. Low volatility gives frequent payouts but the amount of the payouts are smaller. The payout frequency is lesser at medium and high levels of volatility, but the payout amount is huge. The higher the risk or volatility, the larger the payout but less frequency of wins. 

Although low volatility slots have smaller payouts, players may still win a larger amount. Some online pokies give adequate max wins at low volatility. 

What is the best strategy for Slot Machines?

The way slot machines are designed with random number generators makes it so that you cannot use actually strategies. The best online pokies strategy is to pick the right game on the basis of its RTP and volatility.

You should consider low volatility pokies for limited bankroll which can help you make smaller but frequent wins. Conversely, with a larger bankroll, you can opt for medium and high volatility for a massive payout at a cost of a few losses. 

Always aim for higher RTP as it gives you the idea of the money you will be getting back. High RTP should be a priority regardless of how volatile online pokies are. Avoid any slots with RTP less than 96%. 

Here are some online pokies tips you shoulder consider:

  • Do not chase progressive slots
  • Use bonuses whenever possible
  • Play free slot demos if available 
  • Set loss limits
  • Play pokies with free spins
  • Only bet enough to enable jackpots
  • Find online pokies with bonus symbols e.g multipliers, wild cards, etc
  • Be patient


The online industry has allowed avid gamblers to play their favourite online casino game via mobile phones or PCs. Online pokies are the most popular games that every player has a fair chance at winning. The best strategy to win at pokies is to understand the nature of the game, RTP and Volatility are the crucial game engines that make all the difference. 

You need to choose the right slot game for yourself in accordance with your bankroll. Prioritize between frequent but small payouts or larger payouts but at a less frequency rate. Always aim for higher RTP irrespective of volatility, and you will win online pokies for real money. 

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