Slots Tricks For Beginners: Slots Cheats You Should Know

By Gavin Harper Updated: June 2023

Do Slots Cheats Truly Exist?

Slots are one of the most accessible online gaming products. They come with a straightforward gameplay which defines their popularity. Owing to this popularity, players often ask the same question – is there was a way to beat the pokies? In a sense there is, so long as you understand that, in the end, everything boils down to pure luck.

Yet, there are also mathematical and common-sense patterns that have emerged and that experienced players stick to. These patterns determine future success as well as help you minimize potential losses in the short to mid-term.  Today, we will take a look at several slots tricks that actually work, and that allows you to optimize the time you spend playing. Let’s take a look at several time-tested slots strategies and see if they have merit.

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Handy Slots Tricks: Deposit and Free Spins Bonuses

There has always been a debate about whether a bonus is worth your money and time. In the case of a deposit and free spins bonuses, there are few downsides, if at all. You can opt into such promotions and expect to get something from them.  Most free spins bonuses will grant you 5, 10, 15 or more free spins to try on a specific game, or perhaps even on all the online slots a casino has to offer. Each free spin worth 10¢ will be subject to some wagering requirements.  A deposit bonus can also be worth it, especially if it comes with free spins. Many bonuses will grant you the full number of free spins even if you make the minimum deposit, which can be from $5 to $20. Once again, the free spins will be worth around 10¢ each, but this has a very good value, all things considered. So, what’s the trick to slots here? It’s the fact that you take very little, to almost no risk to win real money.

Picking Slots with the Best Values

Often you will hear people recommending “slots cheats,” such as picking the game with the highest RTP. While theoretically true, there are other points to consider, apart from the theoretical return.

Factors such as slot variance (often termed as "volatility") and hit ratio help decide which game to play. For example, a low variance slot means that you can usually win no more than 250x – 500x of your bet size, but you have small wins at a higher frequency than a slot with medium to high variance. With higher variance, you tend to win rarely but your winning could amount to upwards of 5000x your bet! It truly is a case of all or nothing with high variance/volatility slots.  Players who look for truly big payouts might want to stick with high variance slots. You also need to ask yourself if you want to play high variance games and wait longer for a big payout to finally happen.  One thing that players may not be aware of is the fact that the bet range is also indicative of what to expect. For example, if the bet range is limited to $0.20 – $20, this could be explained with the fact that the multiplier, i.e. maximum win based on your bet, could be high – perhaps too high for the casino’s comfort.

There are many casino games online, of course, and pokies are some of the best you can play. Even though they depend on luck, there can still be information about these games you can find out to help improve your theoretical chance of a win.

Slots Cheats in Literature – Best Books on How to Beat Slots

In Las Vegas alone, there are over 200,000 slot machines. Worldwide, the number of slot machines exceeds 1 million. The same applies to online casinos and the slots they offer. With so much demand, many players and mathematicians have tried to crack open the mystery of slots and whether the Random Number Generator, or RNG, can be defeated.

There are many great examples by some accomplished players. For example, in “Slot Smarts”, author Claude Halcombe teaches players how to master their bankroll. Keeping fixed daily stakes is one of the key strategies cited by Halcombe and other successful players.  

Frank Scoblete completely reverses the common wisdom of starting small and in “Slots Conquest”, he argues that playing higher-denomination slots is the best way to have an edge over the casino.  It’s worth noting that Scoblete uses a savings fund that is allocated specifically for the purposes of slot gambling, and there is no absolute proof that his advice works. Yet, he considers himself an accomplished slots player, and his theory is not entirely without merit.

There are more accomplished authors who have broached many topics that you yourself will find familiar. Some have discussed bankroll management and others have focused on evaluating payout percentage and jackpot progressions.  Authors even tend to argue that fixed jackpots are better than progressive jackpots as the latter depends “too much” on chance.

Make the Most Out of Free Slots  

While some players consider “demo” or “for fun” versions to be unexciting, these games will give you accurate information about a slot you want to play and bet money on.  You can test and see for yourself how frequently the slot will payout as well as study the frequency at which special features are triggered.

Speaking from experience, Jack and the Beanstalk is a very good slot to pick. Once you land a "Walking Wild", the chances are you will re-trigger the free spins round again.

On the flip side, a game such as Crystal Ball by Gamomat could see you spend $100 without triggering the free spins level. Of course, this is a personal bias against the game, but sometimes, it can be very helpful.

There's more to online slots than just random spinning reels!