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Star Casino Resort

Star Entertainment Group has been fined $140,000 for breaches at its Queensland casinos. The company admitted to 11 charges, including allowing credit card gambling in Brisbane and Gold Coast casinos. The violations occurred between 2017 and 2022, with some patrons obtaining chips on credit. Star Entertainment is committed to compliance and regaining trust in Queensland and New South Wales. Its willingness to self-report the violations underscored its commitment to rectifying these issues.

In addition to the fine, Star Entertainment has been directed to pay $3,250 in costs, and no conviction has been recorded against the company. This recent penalty follows earlier substantial fines imposed on the operator by gaming regulators in both New South Wales and Queensland for similar violations related to money laundering and responsible gaming duties.

Star Casino CEO's Sudden Resignation

Scott Wharton has announced he will leave his position at Star Casino at the end of April. He takes up a new job as CEO of Smartgroup. Star Casinos managing director Robbie Cooke announced there will be two new appointments and a restructure of the management. Nicola Burke, the present general manager of the transformation office, has been named chief transformation officer.

More announcements soon.

Star Entertainment Pleads Guilty to Illegal Activities at Treasury Casino

Star Entertainment, the Australian gaming giant, has made a startling admission. The company has conceded to engaging in illegal activities at its Treasury Casino in the Australian state of Queensland.

Star Entertainment has admitted to providing money laundering assistance and falsifying official records, among other transgressions. Additionally, the company has confessed to unlawfully selling gaming chips to customers and allowing them to use credit cards for transactions.

Following these revelations, the casino operator has pleaded guilty to seven charges, acknowledging the wrongdoing to the Queensland Attorney General's office.

Further investigations have revealed that the company conducted these illicit practices during two separate periods: from June 2017 to December 2018 and from March 2022 to April 2022, the latter while an inquiry into its illegal activities was underway.

Star Casino Fined 100 Million

After much deliberating, it seems that the reports read about Star Casino were too shocking and incited "gambling harm." According to ABC News, the NICCC will release its full findings. Chief Commissioner Phillip Crawford blamed the governance where "cultural failures had been found." It is expected that a $100 million fine will be given to Star Casino

Angie Raphael of has revealed major failings and concerns in the independent Gotterson Review. The main concern is, "Although The Star has ceased all junket operations, there will be temptation to resume." There is a genuine concern that the deficiencies in Star Casinos' legislation around anti-money laundering are not robust enough. There is further concern that Star Casino "encouraged people banned in NSW and Victoria to gamble at its Queensland casinos;" This is the most damning indictment of all. This has led Attorney-General Shannon Fentiman to allot government support for the report's findings.

Star Casino Plan To Prove Transparency

Star Casino had set out a 130-step plan to prove it is worthy of being operational. The plan is a long-term scheme to show that the new board and management are trustworthy. Eventually, Star Casino should be able to operate on its own. The plan extends until 2024. Star Casino is working to address the many concerns highlighted in both the Bell and Gotterson Reviews, which were carried out by the Independent Casino Commission. Star Casino will not contest any of the findings. Phillip Crawford has not ruled out fines, and further action is being taken against the group. There will be strict supervision.

The anticipated report into the alleged nefarious activities at Star Casino did admit the corporation's unsuitability, but according to a report on, Mr. Adam Bell has rejected the eight submissions, citing its new ability to be considered licence-worthy.

Phillip Crawford, the head of the NSW Independent Casino Commission read the report and concurred with the report's findings. The consequences will be reported in time. Crawford said all options are "on the table."

The details of the findings are shocking. All who have read this have faith in Phillip Crawford to set in motion a series of appropriate actions to ensure corruption and lack of compliance with the law never happen again.

Star Casino, Sydney, has much to do to ensure it can operate as a reliable, trustworthy casino. After a series of shocking revelations reported in detail, the casino's owner group has set in motion a series of practices and measures to rebuild the brand.

What Will Happen To Star Casino

Star Casino is one of the most popular gambling destinations in Australia. But with new regulations coming into effect after a money laundering scandal, what will happen to this iconic casino? The findings were damaging, and many key management figures accepted responsibility and resigned. In this post, we look at the changes set to take place and what they could mean for Star Casino.

Star Casino Begins To Reestablish Itself As A Reliable Resort

The class action lawsuit against Star Casino alleged that the group misled investors into believing it was a model casino operator and that Star failed to mitigate corruption, money laundering, and bribery.  

However, the casino has been working to reestablish itself as a reliable resort in recent months. In January, the company announced the appointment of a new CEO with experience in the casino industry and a commitment to upholding high standards of integrity.  

Additionally, Star has been improving its anti-money laundering and anti-corruption compliance programs. While there is still more work to be done, these preliminary steps indicate that Star is taking its responsibilities seriously and is committed to restoring its reputation.

Allen & Overy To Oversee The Resuscitation Of Star Casino

The consultancy specializes in regulatory matters and will monitor the renewal program. In addition, Ben Heap, Star Entertainment’s interim chairman, gave a statement reported in Gambling News. He said he looks forward to implementing the renewal program and working with regulators to improve the company’s practices. Heap is committed to making Star’s business practices transparent.  They have brought in Allen &  Overy to oversee the resuscitation of Star Casino. This world-renowned law firm has a wealth of experience in this area and will be instrumental in ensuring that Star meets all necessary licensing renewal requirements.

Robbie Cooke To Lead Star Casino Group

Robbie Cooke has been appointed the newest Star Casino executive and CEO of the Star Casino Group. He resigned from a successful period at Tyro, an Aussie fintech company that saw sustained growth despite the world being locked down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New CEO Of Star Casino To Steer Star Through Difficult Transition Period. 

Robbie Cooke brings a wealth of experience guiding companies through transitional times and being compliant with legislation. He was CEO of the lotteries, wagering, and gaming operation at Tatts Group, where he oversaw a period of transformation for the business. Cooke is an experienced executive with a record of delivering results in highly regulated industries. The Star Casino Group looks forward to benefiting from his expertise as its operations grow.

Christina Katsibouba Interim CFO

Christina has been a consummate finance professional for Star Casino, providing leadership and guidance across the organisation’s finance, strategy, investor relations and IT functions. With an impressive 25 years of experience in public accounting and private ASX-listed companies, Christina has steered Star through many successful change initiatives over her tenure as Group Executive Gaming and Deputy Chief Financial Officer. She was responsible for creating multiple earnings-accretive strategic objectives throughout Star's varied business operations, and her skill set benefits them substantially.

Former Banker To Lead Star Sydney

Former Banker Scott Walker has been appointed to lead the new Star Sydney, the city's largest casino. Walker comes to the role with many years of experience in the finance industry, most recently serving as a Commonwealth Bank of Australia leader. 

In this role, he was responsible for driving cultural and operational change within the company, demonstrating his skills in governance and accountability.  

StarBoard Members

With two new non-executive board members, Star will get the best advice. Anne Ward, who resigned from Crown, comes with a wealth of business strategy management experience. She is joined by David Foster, an experienced chairman and director.

GM Surveliance Taken Seriously

Zahan Spalding has been appointed general manager of surveillance in Queensland. She has an impressive record in her decades in the industry, having worked all over the world and bringing a global perspective to her position.

Star Sydney Casino In The Future

With new management and board members, Star Casino will be under public and private scrutiny for many years. Sydney has many beautiful resorts and will continue to attract tourists and business people to the city. We can only hope that Star Casino will return to being a shining example of positive business practices and a jewel in Sydney’s crown once more. 

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