NICC To Monitor Australian Casinos Closely

By Ryan White Updated: May 2023

Casino news in Australia has been given a boost. With the appointment of Phillip Crawford as the head of the NSW Independent Casino Commission, we here at TrueBlue Casino applaud his opening statements and commitments to wipe out misconduct at Australian casinos.

As head of the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority Phillip Crawford, he was the person who uncovered the corruption at Crown Casino. His damning yet thorough report uncovered links to organised crime and money laundering. Crown Casino was unable to open its new casino at Bangeroo. These investigations were sparked by news reports from Sydney Morning Herald,9s the Age and 90 Minutes. 

NSW Independent Casino Commission Has A Mission

Crawford now leads the NICC with a team of four experienced commissioners. In an interview on 9News, he reiterated his commitment to regulating the casino industry. His team have extensive powers to crack down on illegal activities in casinos.

He promotes a cooperative relationship with casinos which hopefully will lead to more transparent financial reporting from casino management. His team have what can only be described as “unprecedented powers” to delve into the workings of the casinos. 

The other four members of the NICC are extremely well-versed in the law, accounting, and operations of big businesses. This powerful committee looks like it will create a positive working relationship with the new management of both Star Casino and Crown Casinos. 

Accountability In Australia’s Casinos

They can issue fines of up to $100,000,000 if evidence of money laundering is uncovered. What True Blue Casinos see as a shift in thinking is the fact that senior executives and board members have to take personal responsibility for the actions in the casinos they run. If they fail to stop any wrongdoings they are also liable.

Both Star Casino and Crown Casino will phase out cash transactions. For now, transactions over $1000 have to be electronic. Phillip Crawford told Eddie Myer of 9News that the “casinos have a social licence from the Government”. This means that they cannot abuse it and will have to operate ethically.

The NICC’s next job is to decide if Star Casino is fit to open. There is a four-volume report into the matter currently being evaluated and a response will be released shortly. The team noted a “problem with the company culturally.” The NICC know how far they went to hide what was described as poor behaviour from the board and the gaming commission.

Gateway To Gambling Regulation

The future of casinos is more transparent. The future is also cashless. The cashless pokie trial is underway in NSW Hopefully, Australia will see this large industry regulated. In time, Trueblue Casino hopes that the government will regulate both online casinos and brick-and-mortar establishments. 

With the investigations into Star Casino and Crown Casino as ongoing features, we will be keeping our eye on the situation on a legislative level and a personal one.

The Games and Amusements Board (GAB)

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications

NSW Independent Casino Commission is an independent commission that is investigating risks and harms of gambling

All licenced are checked on ACMA