Top Australian Sportspeople 2020

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by Ryan White
| 29/07/2020
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Top Australian Sportspeople 2020

As a passionate nation that adores sport in all of its forms, Aussies do tend to derive a great part of their national identity from the professional athletes they love to watch, cheer for and support and they love to bet on sports of all kinds. Backing a professional athlete from Australia means watching them on their endless pursuit of perfection and stellar results during every competition they attend. In spite of its relatively small population compared to its surface area, the land Down Under does come with more than a fair share of superstars in different fields of sports. Their success, popularity and remarkable results are not only known and appreciated at a domestic level; many of them have crossed the borders of Australia and are international sports superstars. If you are eager to learn who made it onto the list of Australian sportspeople 2020, you've reached the right page.

Whether we are talking about fresh stars that have caught the eye and attention of international selectors, vets who are still proving they have got what it takes to make big crowds burst into cheers or young athletes that have already managed to make a name for themselves, this list has it all.

Ash Barty – the Power of Knowing When to Hit Pause

Ash took a rather peculiar road to success, with a trajectory that not many popular Australian sportsmen are known to have taken. She decided to hit the pause button and stop playing tennis at a professional level back in 2014. She claimed she needed to recharge her batteries. However, to many people's surprise, instead of becoming a couch potato, skipping her workouts and indulging in long hours of fun pokies online, the passionate athlete decided she would do something else. Apparently, she loves sports too much and she simply couldn't stay away from it for too long, so she embraced the game of cricket for a short while. When she was ready to go back to her old love, tennis, her performance was out of this world. She managed to win 57 of the 70 matches she played in 2019, and she also took home four titles, a Women's Tennis Association Final title and a Grand Slam title included.

This propelled her so high up in the charts that she was named the first Australian woman to reach Number 1 world status since Evonne Goolagong had won the title more than four decades ago.

Nick Kyrgios, the Best Tennis Player of the Moment

Top Australian Sportspeople 2020This is another young athlete with a well-deserved spot in the Australian sportsmen 2020 top list. Nick seems to be ready to win a Grand Slam title and stop the “holy trio” that has dominated the world of professional tennis in the last years. We are, of course, talking about the walking and breathing legends Nadal, Federer and Djokovic.

So far, Nick has managed to build himself quite the career in tennis and the fact that he is only 24 years old and looking more determined as ever is getting his closer to his dreams. As the youngest tennis player that has ever held a position in the ATP rankings and also the player who beat all of the pros in the “holy trio”, Nick is most certainly the best tennis player that the country has seen in a long time and we are looking forward to seeing him shine again once more, once the COVID-19 pandemic will allow officials to resume important the most important competitions worldwide.  

Daly Cherry-Evans – Halfback Superstar

Daly Cherry-Evans is not only the captain of Queensland, but he also manages the domestic side and therefore makes for a superstar halfback who definitely deserves to make it onto the list. His continuous performances helped him win the Grand Final back in 2011 and almost helped Manly partake in yet another final in 2019. Unfortunately, that did not happen, but we bet the odds on that happening soon. We can expect him to return with fresh forces, more motivation than ever, brand new skills and an even bigger hunger for success when the season resumes.

Sam Kerr, Multiple W-League MVP

In June 2019, Kerr managed to do the impossible and carry the magnificent goals of the nation of her strong shoulders. She is not only the captain of the Matildas but also their shiniest star. She has and managed to lead the amazing FIFA Women’s World Cup during the 2019 campaign, letting the world know about the land Down Under when she scored no less than four goals against the Jamaican team. She was also called the Most Valuable Player part of the W-League and her undisturbed ambition, dedication, perseveration and pursuit for being the best have helped her turn into one of the greatest advocates for equality in the field of sport. She is one of the most popular international sportspeople originating from Australia and she has even signed a contract with Chelsea FC, so we can expect her to shine even more in the upcoming ears and years her loyalty for the Australian team, her obsession for her country will definitely keep her close to the national team in the future.

These are only a few of the best sportsmen in Australia 2020 worth keeping a very close eye on in the upcoming months, so make sure to be the first to cheer for them once sports will resume on the planet. In the meanwhile, you can indulge in some fun sports betting online.

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