Texas Hold ‘Em Rules, Strategy and Tips

Gavin Harper
by Gavin Harper
Texas Hold ‘Em Rules, Strategy and Tips



Texas Hold'em is one of the forms of Poker with a slight variation in terms of rules and strategy. The game isn’t really that simple as it appears to be, the reason for the complexity in the game is that the number of situations arising out of it are too many and therefore, requires adequate strategy and tactics to master it.

To start with, you need to become aware of the basic rules of the game. The primary goal of each player in this game should be to make the best five card hand. Let us look into the further details.



Texas Hold'em Variations

It is a very common feature of the human nature that they tend to modify everything as per their convenience, needs and wants. Depending upon the basic human nature, type of country, time, situations, game organizers just change the rules of the game thereby creating variations of the original game.

Texas Hold’em also has many variations, 9 of them are majorly famous. They are:

  • No Limit Texas Holdem
  • Anonymous Texas Holdem
  • Fast Fold Texas Holdem
  • Heads Up No Limit Texas Holdem
  • Limit Holdem
  • Pot Limit Holdem
  • Online Texas Holdem Home Games
  • Texas Holdem Webcam Tables
  • Ultimate Texas Holdem

How to Play


In this yet another version of online casino Poker, all the players are dealt with 2 cards each, which are called ‘Hole Cards’. Followed by dealing, all the players are given a chance to bet, for, fold or check. This initial stage of the game is known as ‘Pre-Flop’. What is to be done in this stage totally depends on the strategy of the player and the kind of cards he has been dealt with.

After all the players have done the initial betting, the dealer keeps 3 other cards face up on the table such that all the players can see it. The set of these three cards is known as ‘The Flop’.


 After all the players have seen the flop, the next round of betting takes place. Again, the players have the option to Check, Bet or Fold, their strategy depends on the cards that they have and the flop.

After the second round of betting is done, fourth card is shown by the dealer and kept aside the flop. This fourth card is known as ‘The Turn’.

After seeing the fourth card, a final round of betting takes place, again Check, Fold or Bet.

Followed by this final round of betting, the fourth and the final card called as ‘The River’ is shown by the dealer and added to the above showed four cards i.e., The Flop and The River.


Finally, the players turn their Hole Cards. And the player whose Hole cards are in a combination with the Shared Cards, as in The Flop, The River and The Turn, makes the best combination and emerges as the winner.


The most fascinating feature of the game is its simplicity and entertainment quotient inherent in it. However, it is still not said to be a layman’s deal. Championing the game requires practice, insight, presence of mind and a lot of poker tricks.

Explanation of the Symbols

Almost every other game, every other language, every other procedure comes with its own set of symbols and notations. And so is with Texas Hold'em for real money. There is a unique set of nicknames given to all the 52 playing cards of a deck. Some of the nicknames being, Ace Higher Card, King Higher Card, Jack Higher Card and so on.

Texas Hold’em Rules and Strategy

Here are some free Texas Holdem tips that would help the players to place a winning bet on the table:

  • Position Strategy

One’s position is a very important determinant in the game. The person who sits at the last is always at a better position as compared to the players sitting ahead of him because he will have all the information when his turn to bet comes. He’d have heard all the previous players therefore he’d have an upper hand which would help him in making a sound decision.

  • Narrowing The Field

It is an inarguable fact that it’s not just you, rather all the participants sitting on the game table have come to win, to win big. All the players use their mind, strategy and apply all the tricks, clean or dirty to throw you off the game.

So, rather than just sitting and starting to aim at winning big money, it is always wiser to first cut down the chase by forcing out as many opponents as possible.

  • When to Call

It is important to know when to place your calls. It might so happen that you have an excellent combination but in the greed of raising the bet and earning more, you end up losing what you were winning in the first place.

 It is of utmost importance that you play with your eyes and ears open and not let greed and irrational mind influence your decisions.

Platforms to Play the Game

Nowadays, there are so many game providers that have gone online with their games. There are websites, software and even mobile specific or computer apps of the games. The game providers have left no stone unturned to ensure that they stay ahead in the technological race.

The game can be played online by registering on websites. Registration is normally free; however a few websites charge a mere registration fee. Some websites even charge participation fee. This registration money, participation fee so collected is used as prize money.


As they always say, ‘Practice makes you perfect’. This game is no layman’s play, but is also nothing like no one can play. All you need to do is practice a lot and play often. So, all set to play online Texas Hold’em poker? Play it today!

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