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Free Online Rioulette
Free Online Rioulette

Named after a French word, Roulette is a casino-based game. In simple English terms, it means ' little wheel', involves simple rules and is extremely easy to play as well.

Playing Roulette online is the best pastime one can have and above everything, you don't actually need any kind of expertise. As you start playing it becomes easier every time. Just brush up on the basic rules and this will help you move forward.

If you play roulette online in a casino, as a player, you get the chance to bet on a single number. There are generally two colours to choose from -  red or black. The entire game is looked after by a croupier. A croupier is the one who is in charge of making announcements about the bet, winning party, spinning the wheel, etc. If you win the bet, you can take some real bucks back home.

The Roulette game played online works in a similar line. There is again a croupier who controls the entire game, let's say a digital croupier. It drops the ball, spins the wheel and you bet your number prior to this process.

If we talk about the main aim of this game, then you can predict the colour or the number on which the spinning ball will likely land. And, if it's the same combination you have placed your bet on, then presto - you win that round. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, all doubts regarding this game will be cleared as you read the content below.

Game Variation

As they say, variation is the essence of life, and different players find it easier to play under different variations of Roulette. Even if you play roulette for free, you can choose to play from a number of variations of this game, whatever fits your skills and taste. These basically are the following there variations of the same-

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette

Apart from these you also might come across the following variations if you play online roulette:

  • 3D Roulette (cheers to the digital technology)
  • Low stakes Roulette
  • Deal or No deal Roulette, etc.

How to Play Roulette

Now, let us talk about the most important thing, how actually is the game.  The following steps will help you to understand that:

  • Start with launching the game and choose the free roulette trial option, in case you are new to the game. This helps you to have a grip on the game and its rules.
  • Then, by clicking on the play button get to the real world of Roulette. The first step is to decide and choose the amount you want to bet.
  • Select your chips or the numbers and the colours on inside or outside of your betting table. There are total 36 numbers and each of them are painted in alternate black and red colours.
  • Hit on the spin button, and the wheel starts to spin for free.
  • Wait for the wheel to stop and see the outcome. The number on which the ball stops, are shown on the Roulette table.

Main Features of Roulette

Roulette is that fun game which can be played by people of all age groups. Be it, teenagers or adults, it suits the taste of all of them. The simple rules and easy process of playing is what makes this game a favourite for all. Also, the entertainment quotient cannot be neglected at all. You only need to get grip on the rules of making a bet, which in turn increases your chances of winning real AUD.

Explanation of the Symbols

There are no specific symbols in this game, instead, you must be aware of the different areas of the Roulette table/wheel.

There are 36 numbers indicated on the table in alternate pattern of big/small as well as black/ red. It also has an extra slot of 0. The wheel has the following two parts-

  • The static bowl

This part has the ball track (where the balls rotate or spin) and the lower ball track. It also has unique ball deflectors and a spindle which supports the rotating wheel-head.

  • The wheel-head which rotates inside the bowl

Roulette Game Rules and Strategies

Understanding the rules as well as the strategy of Roulette is of prime importance if you are interested in winning this game. Following strategies/rules will help you to master this game:

  • If the ball lands on zero in any bet, then he/she will get the chance to save half of the rest for the next spin. This is called as the En Prison Rule
  • Also, once the croupier has announced - no more bets, you cannot change or move the chips.
  • If you lose a single bet, you must double up your bet for the next spin. This lets you to make up for the money you lost.
  • You can bet on the same number for 35 times, as going by the probability there is a chance of winning it once at least.
  • Instead of betting on either red or black or a specific number, you can try betting on a group of numbers.

The Final Spin...

With everything going digital in today's time, you don't need to walk down to any physical casino to play this game. There are many online casino game providers which lets you play this game with the same ambience as that of a physical casino.

There are various websites available where you can register yourself to play and win. Look no further, and start playing free roulette online!

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