Alice In Wonderslots Slot Review

Alice In Wonderslots Slot Review

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As you travel further and further down the rabbit hole of this fantastic review, you will discover more and more about why Alice in Wonderland slots is both an enjoyable game as well as a very engaging online experience. So come on into our fantasy review of what it is. 

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    June 2016

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Alice In Wonderslots

Alice In Wonderslots Slot Review: Curiouser and Curiouser

Here at True Blue Casinos, we do our very best to inform you about our top picks for real money casinos. And we are elated to have reviewed the Alice In Wonderslots online slot game takes on the Alice in Wonderland theme in combine it with the slot online casino world. 

"Curiouser and Curioser." I found this online slot to be somewhat whimsical in the manner in of which to earn the prize money and bonuses. Yes, the puffery language to which I am using is very in alignment with the premise of the Alice in wonder slot game. 

Alice in Wonderslots payout ratesVisually speaking, the game is very beautiful and very pleasing to the eyes. However, as pleasant as the visuals are to the game, the experience is by no means up to par with the other great games developed by Playson. Finding the white rabbit, which can pay a hefty amount back to the players, is particularly challenging and challenging. 

But for those who can find the white rabbit they are awarded 45,000 pounds. Not too bad for a slot pull. To be fair though the ability to earn extra rewards are quite plentiful and this greatly allows for more chances to win that big prize award. 

Although the gameplay, in a sense the dialogue and the storyline, is not as stellar as some of the other Playson titles out there at the moment, enough really cannot be said about the over fantasy look of the game as well as the whimsical charm of the characters. 

The overall aesthetics of the games simply are remarkable and the developers truly once again have outdone themselves. We were taken aback by the incredible charm of the theme and visuals of the match. Great job in this particular area.


The Rewards and Bonuses: No Cup of Tea for Us

As mentioned earlier, due to how challenging it is to get the white rabbit, players are rewarded and most graciously a plethora of rewards that come in handy to continue the game. It is delightful to be offered so many extra rewards and even more interesting to have gained some snippets of rewards from the extra rewards. 

No cup of tea but the extra rewards will do just fine. So hats off to our mad hatter developers for offering these quick and plentiful rewards. They are very much appreciated and extremely useful for future earning. 


Wonderland or WonderNotLand: Red Pill Review or Blue Pill Review

Alice in Wonderland slotsAs mentioned before the visual appeal of the game is stellar. The designs are very captivating. However, the only major gripe is that is very much a quick ride. We are introduced to this amazing land of wonder and excitement only briefly. It would have been great to have explored a bit more of the whimsical and charming land as we continue to earn more. 

Although most of us come here for the thrill of the slot and earning that extra money, the developers could have done a much better job at incorporating a bit more lore into the slot game. In the end, this just comes down to another mundane and repetitive looking slot game. 


Go Down the Rabbit Hole and Explore The Wonderland that is Alice in Wonderslot

Our overall thoughts about the Alice in wonder slot is that the developers did an outstanding job at capturing the look and the charm of the classic Alice in Wonderland theme. The characters are charming; the layout is incredibly rewarding. Coupling the payout with the incredible amount of rewards that players are given this does make it a fascinating and engaging game to play and try our luck of the draw at. 

With a fantastic payout, but at somewhat of a noticeable budget, the excitement to try your luck here is very demanding and also very inspiring. It is great fun to be had here, even for the lack of story advancement. 

The charm of the characters, the visual designs, the incredible rewards and the hefty payout to be won will keep you entertained and excited for hours on ends. 

Just as Alice was lost in the fantasy of wonderland you too will become lost in the fantastic and charming world of Alice in Wonder slot. You won't have to fall asleep to enter this world all that you will need os just to visit the online casino and start to try your luck. 

So if you are a lover of the Alice in Wonderland story or are just a fan of the fantasy world, then this may very well be the online slot game for you. Check out our list of top online casinos and enter a world of fantasy and charm.