Bubble Bubble Slot Review

Bubble Bubble Slot Review

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  • Fun Halloween Theme
  • Five-reel Pokie
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No doubt you probably heard the phrase, “Double, double toil and trouble”. And this phrase is associated with witches, black cats, leather outfits that exposed the young teenage witches, and anything else that could possibly be Halloween or which related. And that is exactly what you get and more when you play this game

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    January 2016
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    Video Slot
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By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

Anything you might find inside your witch’s cauldron is something you are going to find in this game. In fact, the cauldrons are the scatter symbol and ghosts are a bonus feature. You can enjoy lots of treats when placing your bets and spinning the reels, even if you are not the Halloween kind. Online casinos love featuring this unique and fun game! 

Game Principle

Bubble Bubble SlotThe main character in this game is a very attractive witch who is wearing tight leather outfits that are somewhat exposing and a cheerful smile waiting just for you. Her name is Winnie, Winnie the witch. And this witch has a task for you. She has left behind a list of things that she needs you to locate. And any of these items that you are able to find bring with them great prizes. The prizes are hidden inside the mansion. You have to go through the mansion to find everything that this witch needs.

Obviously the first thing a witch needs in order to cast spells is her spellbook. Without the book of spells, she doesn’t know what to mix inside of her cauldron. If you get 333 coins that means you found her spellbook.

Bonuses and Features

Frogs or jack-o’-lanterns are two of the things that are the most important since it is a part of almost every spell Winnie does. Then, of course, she needs help finding friends like her black cats or black ravens. If you find either of those you get up to 1000 points. Some other items from her spell book include ingredients such as large spiders, a human skull, or the eye of a toad. All of these can give rewards between 100 and 200 coins.


The symbol of the witch might show up many times on any of your reels but at any point, this symbol can be replaced with the cauldron. Remember, the cauldron is a special symbol. If you are able to find five cauldrons on your screen, then whatever your total winnings were, they are increased 33 times. If you see the witch and for separate cauldrons on one line then you get 99 times whatever your original bet amount was. You will walk away from this a much richer person. There are a few other features that are built into this game including other features triggered by the scatter symbol. If you see the ghost feature you win 20 free games. If you see nine of these, you get a special wild witch feature. This gives you nine additional games. During those other games, you might end up seeing a witch cast a spell which opens up a world of other prizes for you.


To bet on this game you need to place as little as .5 coins per. Game is a 5 x 3 real grid which is set inside of a mansion, one that looks like it’s rather haunted. But, as soon as you walk inside the mansion it becomes a world of 50 pay line prizes. The potential is endless when you play pokies online.

When you are betting you can play 50 lines per spin, which is great, because it affords you a minimum bet of 0.5 coins per spin the maximum bet of 12.5 coins which means that the range of possibilities is anywhere within that spectrum. You can get bonuses for real money play. Advanced players with big pockets all the way down to newcomers who only have a few dollars to their name can still find a great deal of fun with this game. Moreover, given how many bonus rounds are built into it, even if you made a very tiny that you might still acquire multiple free games within the game which extends the longevity of each spin and makes the game seem significantly longer and more entertaining.


This is the game you can enjoy playing on-the-go at mobile casino or in front of your PC. The Bubble Bubble slot has a top-notch quality on a portable device as well as on a computer. 

Bottom line

The bottom line is that you can win quite a bit of money with this game particularly when you invest very little. Every player can play 50 lines per spin betting the minimum of .5 coins per spin. The maximum you can bet per spin is 12.5 coins. Of course, you can bet anywhere in between and still be a winner.

Call to Action!

With this game, you win from a range of prizes as you watch the character simply wave a magic wand and shower you with money. You might never have as much fun inside of a haunted mansion try as you might you will certainly walk away significantly richer than when you went in.