Dark Hearts Pokies Online Slots

Dark Hearts Pokies Online Slots

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  • Alluring Theme
  • Multiplier
  • 243 Paylines

This new vampire-themed pokies has been able to attract huge crowds. Dark Hearts Online slot game has captivated so many people that even those who are not lovers of goths have been stimulated to play.

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  • Launch Date:
    June 2016
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    Video Slots
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The game is similar to the Microgaming version of Immortal Romance in terms of the features that it exhibits- the graphics, sounds, wide range of bonus features and the likes. Its popularity also reveals that people love and enjoy gothic themed slots. Dark Hearts Slot game is surprisingly mesmerizing because of the slow and creepy soundtrack which attracts a lot of audience towards it.

How to Play/Rules

The game comprises a number of characters or rather vampires. It revolves around the story of Victor and Marcus who compete against each other to win the love and affection of Willow. To gain her love, both of them offer her roses and plenty of drinks from their chalice but they remain unsuccessful in advancing towards her because of her silver crucifix.

Bonus Features

This game isn’t different from other slot machines. You have to lay down some real cash in order to win prizes but there is no guarantee that you will win on every single spin. So, someone who plays the game should try to make most of the bonus opportunities coming his or her way while playing.

There are some free spins available for players -the character called Marcus provides ten free spins with a 3X multiplier, Willow, fifteen free spins with a 2X multiplier and Victor, thirty free spins with a 1X multiplier.

Explanation of the Symbols

Dark Hearts Online PokiesThe wild lips icon placed on the screen is used to fill in the gaps of the normal winning combinations. There are more than three symbols scattered which opens the player's choice chamber. When they are inside, then it is on them to choose the lady or the two vampires that is Marcus, Willow or Victor which will give them free spins. Some other icons are present as well, like a red rose depicting a dangerous love affair.

Rival slots are not currently featured in all casinos but you can check out our list of top online casinos who provide rival games below. This game successfully brings in some original elements of the gothic theme. 

Game Rules and Strategies

Just like other slot games, you need to put down some real cash wagers in order to play the game and win real money cash prizes. However, the best part is that you can choose from a range of wagering permutations. As a player, you have the option to choose to place 1 to 10 coins of 0.25, 0.10, 0.05 and 0.01 denominations.

Platforms You Can Play On

The best part of Dark Hearts Pokies is that you can play on a range of platforms. The game works really well on both PC and mobile.


Dark Hearts is not the first gambling slots game which has been so scary and exciting in regard to its themes. The popularity of Twilight and True Blood enforced some slot developers to copy those shows and apply them to their casino games themes, and they have been wise enough in doing so.

This game theme has a lot of strength which can entice a person who has no interest in dark things to go for a spin or two. Its multiplier options are enough to make one fall in love with this dark alluring gambling game.

Dark Hearts is another themed game variant that attracts people to put forth their time and money in trying and testing their luck. This game is inspired, innovated and even realistic so be brave and give it a go.