Goblins Gold Slot Review

Goblins Gold Slot Review

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By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

Goblins Gold is a classic online pokie by Microgaming. It is a three-reel, three pay line slot game with a fantasy theme. 

Game Variants

Goblins Gold has got mainly two variants. In online casinos, it is played under the three-reel slots category. It is played as a three-reel video slot game along with two wild symbols, a treasure hunt bonus and an auto nudge feature assisting to play the game gently. It can also be played as a board game with slightly different parameters.

How to Play

Playing Goblins Gold slot game is quite simple and without any confusing rules. It starts with a bet. When playing the pokie at casinos for real money you will have to make a bet of a minimum of three coins with a specified range as mentioned in the game. There are also certain jackpots which can increase your amount up to six thousand times your investment. Thus, you get to play with real money!

Bonus Features

One of the tempting parts of Goblins Gold is its bonus feature. As the three credits are gambled and the Goblins Bonus logo becomes visible over the third reel, a Treasure Quest bonus feature is launched automatically.

Explanation of the Symbols

Goblins Gold Slot ScreenshotThe game Goblins Gold pokies is a clear game of gamble. Your gamble only becomes a success if your assumption clashes with the winning combinations. This game has got a lot of symbols and each with a certain meaning.

We can see Goblin, Lanterns, Bags of Gold and Bars on the reels. Nine winning combinations are created with the help of these symbols. Over here, Goblin wildly substitutes all the symbols assisting the player to create a winning combination to make his or her risk fruitful enough. 

Additionally, there are 3X wild symbols which assist in forming a winning combination. How does it work? If a winning combination includes a single 3X wild symbol then it is multiplied by 3, two 3X symbols mean it should be multiplied by 9. These symbols also have some other references as well.

If 3X Wild symbol appears once on the pay-line, then it pays 3x the credit bet whereas if 3X wild symbol appears twice then the pay-line pays 9x the credit bet to the player. It also has a vibrant treasure quest bonus feature stimulated by the goblin bonus feature and the auto nudge feature on the bars include up and down arrow components.

It applies only when three credits are put into play. Regardless of the players’ choice, the payouts are very simple. If the players’ pay line coincides with the pictures on the paytable then he or she turns out to be the winner.   

Game Rules and Strategies

Goblins Gold game is basically a slot game. However, its increasing popularity has taken it to a next level. It’s due to its attractive bonus feature that people sit for hours to gamble their time and money in speculating the possible outcomes.

The outline of the game is so simple that it isn’t confusing even for beginners to get used to it. Due to these features, the game is also available as a board game.

Goblins Gold On-The-Go

Here is the good news. You can play Goblins Gold on almost all platforms including Windows and Mac PC, as well as mobile casino on Android and iOS smartphones or tablets.


Casino games are made to give someone an outside chance financially. These games are there to amaze your luck. Thus, take a gamble, put your time and effort and results, as usual, are not in your hands. Goblins Gold is designed with perfect rules, strategies, and simplicity.

The online slots game works on your assumptions and if you are correct, things start going your way. The bonus features are installed just to keep you digging more and more into the game. The greed in you makes the game even more successful at its stage. However, it is equally likely to lose because, ultimately, it is a game of chances.

Hesitate no more and have your hands on this amazing mysterious game. Register for an online casino and start playing today!