Jurassic World Online Slot Review
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Jurassic World Online Slot Review

Is there anything that Microgaming won't make into a slot game? We mean this in delight, not with callousness. The Jurassic World slot game has been a monumental surprise not only because of the reference to the slot theme but also for lovers of the Jurassic Park lore. For those who consider themselves fans of the Jurassic Park franchise they will most certainly be blown away by the sheer entertainment of the Jurassic World online slot game

Online Slot casino has never been more entertaining and more immersive. You can even try it out as a free online slot. However, this is only one of the major perks of laying this online casino slot game. As you continue to read this Jurassic World Slot Review, you will discover all the rewards, bonuses, and earnings that you will be able to win. 

So if you are looking for a new and exciting slot game to play then visit a world unlike any you have seen before. Welcome to the land of dinosaurs and money. Welcome to Jurassic World Slot. 

Jurassic World Slot Review

Jurassic World slot online

Right here at on this online slot review site, you can experience the world of the famed Jurassic Park. But before you enter this wild, dangerous but exceptionally exciting world you might want to know how to handle yourself, and in this sense, we mean to play the game. The slot game is quite easy. 

You are given a certain amount of reels that you must get specific images in. The Jurassic World Slot offers 5 reels for which players will have t land on certain images. From there it becomes a game of chance. 


A game of chance that is stacked in your favor. More about that in later sections. Microgaming has yet again made a game that is both enjoyable and rewarding and reading not solely in the area of excitement but also rewarding in the area of earning real money. For those who play Jurassic World, they will have 243 different ways of winning. 

These monstrously high chances of winning bonuses free spins, rewards and cash are what makes so many people coming back to the Jurassic World. 

The Theme of Jurassic World

Jurassic world slot review

Microgaming has yet again revealed to many why it is the mega giant in the online slot gaming world. The background an the overall theme greatly capture the feeling and the visuals of the hit movie Jurassic World. The imagery of certain scenes from the movie is a great inclusion into the game, and even more immersive is the image of the T-Rex that comes when certain images, such as the wild spin, are shown. 

You can really tell that the designers had a great time developing this game and what is really amazing about the designer s and what they did for this particular game is trying to capture the feeling fo the game before even creating the game. 

If you loved the Jurassic world Movie, you will most certainly love the online slot game. 

The Bonus, Rewards, and Earnings

Jurassic world bonus gamesAs mentioned earlier this game offers a wide array of ways to win. Bonuses, rewards, and earnings are extremely easy to win. And as mentioned before this is because of the different ways of winning. 243 ways of winning are incredibly helpful to you later on in the game.  You may be questioning why the amount of winning is so high, and this is because of the payout rate. The payout rate is for this game, and what seems to be a standard for Microgaming, 97%. That is right the payout rate is 97%.  So your chances of winning are basically all guaranteed. 

The bonuses, rewards, and earnings include: 

  • Jurassic World Scatters: In acquiring three scattered images you will be rewarded the first time al the way to your fifteen time random rewards. After your fifteen times of winning three scattered images, you will be able to choose whatever reward you want. 
  • Gyrosphere Valley: You will receive 10 free spins with multipliers. The last spin will always win!!
  • Raptor Den: You receive 10 free spins and additional 5 spins for 3 sticky images that arise.
  • Creation lab: You receive 10 free spins coupled with the assistance from a roaming dinosaur that can aid you in receiving higher rewards through the multiplier and the new symbols that arise. 

The chances as you can see to win are numerous. There are a plethora of ways to receive free spins and with these free spins is an increase in earning more money. 

Our Final Thoughts

Maybe it is just that fan in us. Maybe it is a world unlike any other. Maybe it is the sheer amount of ways to earn money. Or maybe it is that this game is just a great game. We highly recommend anyone who loves slot games to give this slot game a go. Microgaming has yet again shown why they are at the top of their game. 

With numerous ways of earning money and winning bonuses and rewards, this game is very entertaining. If you have been looking for a new slot game to play and to try your luck in then, we cannot say too much about this game. It has met and exceeded so much of our expectation. 

When the odds are favoured in your direction, and the chances of winning are, but all guaranteed it would be a huge loss on your part not to play the game at one of True Blue Casinos' top online venues. 


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