Pistoleras Slot Review

Pistoleras Slot Review

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    June 2016

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Welcome to the Wild West; things have just gotten more interesting in this Microgaming masterpiece. Pistoleras online slot is another stunning masterpiece created by the popular online slot casino designer, Microgaming. Try your luck in the Wild West of the online casino world that offers players more chances that are appropriate for the Wild West, but are greatly appreciated for young "slot slingers." 

Pistoleras offers players a vast ammunition of free spins, a bombing bonus system that can help you get the money you seek and a great a stunning visuals design that will keep the guys coming back for more, this is truly a great game to try for your first time. 

Become a man by entering the fray of the online casino world of Pistoleras online slot games. Here at True Blue Casinos, it is our pleasure to offer you the best online pokies to choose from. It can really be a difficult task trying to choose from which games to play from, and so to better assist you in which game to play, we offer you this Pistoleras Slot Review. 

Just make sure that when you win, that you don't make much of a sound over your victory because, in the Wild West, anything goes. 


The overall theme of this Microgaming captures the look and the feeling of the old Wild West. The saloon design is greatly appreciated, and the theme accentuates the old style look of the cowboy era. Coupled with the overall design and visual appeal is the soundtrack that compliments the Wild West exceedingly well. 

If you are a lover of the cowboy and the Wild West lore, then you will greatly appreciate the level of detail the designers at Microgaming spent at this game. Microgaming continues to prove why it is the most popular and exciting game designer for many online slot casino players.  

Free Spins, Rewards, and Bonuses

It is quite easy to win free spins in tpistoleras online slothis game, as Microgaming is well known for the number of free spins they give to their players. The amount to which a person can wager goes as little as .01 cent and as high as $1.00. This is quite salient as the number of free spins that can be won, coupled with the low wages, coupled with the RTP, is very rewarding. 

For example, you are given free spins regularly, when you add this to the small wages you may put down and then multiply that by how much you can win back by the RTP, which is 97%, the chances of earning money are very stacked in your favor. 

Never has earning bounty money ever been this easy. The Wild West has never been so tamed. If you are looking to test out free online slots, then this game is a blast (no pun intended) to play.

So saddle up cowboy or cowgirl because now is the best time to enter the Wild West. 

The Items 

To get the bonuses and the added rewards certain items must show up on the reel. These items come in the form of sack of gold (very fitting), The game logo and Oldwest stagecoach. Once you are able to get three sacks of gold, you can get the saloon bonus. Get three-game logos, and all three players must pay out. Get three Oldwest stagecoaches, and you will be greeted by a female gunslinger who can get you more bonuses or add to your reward. 

Pistoleras Slot Review

Pistoleras was first released back in 2015 and since it's inception has become one of the most enjoyable online slot casino games to come across. Thanks to the copious amount of free spins that are offered to the players, becoming a slot slinger is very easy as you are given enough ammunition to earn as much money as possible. The free spins are without a doubt a hallmark feature that Microgaming has become well known for. 

Players are given a vast array of free sins form anywhere between 10 free spins to 25 free spins that greatly lend to you earning that bounty reward money. 

Our Verdict 

We were profoundly left in awe at this game. Not being one for the cowboy themes or the Wild West era, it was still nonetheless very enjoyable. The visuals greatly capture the Wild West design, and the soundtrack greatly compliments the ear well. However, where the game really shines is the lepistoleras online slotvel of detail. 

It is very enjoyable to have the cowgirl come along and assist you in the game. The Microgaming designers private once again that they have a great knack for creating visual and interactive games that can keep the players coming back for more. 

If you are looking for a new game to play and are getting tired of the other amazing Microgaming slot games, then we highly recommend trying your luck at the Wild West Pistoleras game. 

The Wild West has truly never been so easy, and with so many rewards, bonuses and free spins offered to the players, earning real money and winning big can be all too easy, and it really is in this game. 

The visuals, the gameplay, the atmosphere, the soundtrack, the money is a great reason to try your luck at this Microgaming masterpiece. 

With so much given to you, you really have nothing to lose in the end so why not try your luck at this amazing game and become a famed slot slinger of the Wild West.