The Slotfather Slot Review

The Slotfather Slot Review

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If you are a fan of the Godfather and a lover of slot games, then the Slotfather slot is definitely the online slot game for you (those are a lot of slots). 

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    June 2016
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    Progressive slots
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The Slotfather game can be found at many Aussie real money casinos and offers a vibrant and unique way of playing an online pokies game and something that is very different from many of its competitors. As you continue to read on you will discover why the Slotfather slot game may be the online slot game for you. 

Slotfather Online PokiesWithout a doubt what makes this online casino so enthralling and so entertaining is the Godfather take on the game. It is especially enjoyable to play the game and to interact with the different characters of the game. Yes, that's right, there is a vibrant and unique story to the whole game and you are apart of it. 

The character interaction is especially enjoyable, and the dialogue is nothing to jab at. The developers did a fantastic job with the story and the dialogue. As you advance in the game by winning you will go through a storyline that begs you to keep on playing to discover how it all will end. 

This is what really makes this online slot game stand apart from its competitors and what really makes it so unique and different. Where many other online slot casinos are simply visual with little dialogue, the Slotfather actually takes the time to create a story. Is it Oscar worthy? Of course not, but it is very entertaining and something that will keep you excited and enthralled at the same time. 

The developers did an outstanding job regarding creating a slot game that can keep players coming back for more. 

The Slotfather – Bonuses

The bonuses you can receive along with the rewards are beautifully given to you in the form of gangsters shooting at the screen and eliminating your competition. Great to have the family on your side, right?  Earn more credit as you continue to play the game and have more mobsters on your side. 

The Slotfather Pays Out!

The Slotfather Online PokiesIt shouldn't be too difficult to understand, but it is amazing how much money can be won on a daily basis. With a jackpot win of about $5000, it is no wonder that this is a game that truly shines above the competition. Players are also able to earn about $150 a spin if they get the right combination. 

You can pay with your debit, credit, PayPal or Bitcoin account. The many ways to play the game is a great advantage. Players can bid as low as 0.02.

Play your hands right, and you can earn a lot of dough. Play your hands wrong and well… you will be sleeping with the fish. Kapish? 


The Exquisite Visuals 

The animation of this online game is simply amazing. The visuals and the characters of the story cannot be praised enough. The imagery that is shown to the players greatly accentuates the mafia theme they were seeking to emulate. The feeling of being apart of the mob family and earning big money is very entertaining. The character designs are also something that makes the gameplay much more enjoyable. 

It is highly appreciated to see that the developers took so much time and effort to create stunning characters designs and a fantastic theme. Enough really cannot be said about the overall character design and theme. 

Final Thoughts – The Slotfather Slot Deserves Your Respect!

Right here at PlayPokiesOnline, we are determined to offer our readers the best reviews possible about each online casino slot game we come across. And we are elated and very excited to have reviewed this online slot game. The developers, Betsoft, have really done an outstanding job of creating a slot game that is more than just a simple slot game. 

They have told a story that was is interesting. They included characters that are very interesting and dialogue that keeps you engaged. The overall feel of the game was also exciting. With such a small payout to pay while playing the game, it can be very hard to stray away from the game. 

But at the same time, it can really keep you entertained for hours on ends. 

The gameplay is like no other when you compare it to the other online slot games and this is the hallmark feature of the game. Although the payout for the games is very expensive, the story and the gameplay alone is what sells this game so well.

So if you are looking for a different slot game and really tired of the same of spin and waiting for a particular combination, then this is very much the online slot game for you. A rich story, great characters and very low prices to pay, what are you waiting for? 

If you are a lover of the Godfather series or simply just a fan of the mafia/mob genre and also an avid player of the slot games, then this is the online slot game of you. 

So come on in and try your luck with the Slotfather slot game – one of our favourite slots online. The Slotfather will make you an offer you simply can't refuse.