Smoking Dog Slot Review

Smoking Dog Slot Review

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  • Fun Graphics
  • 243 Paylines
  • Wild Symbol
  • Software:
  • Launch Date:
    June 2016
  • Max Jackpot:
  • Slots Type:
    Video Slots
  • Min Coin Size:
  • Max Coin Size:
  • Paylines:
  • Reels:
  • RTP:

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By Ryan White Updated: May 2023

Every dog has it’s day, right. In Smoking Dogs Online Slot players are introduced to a slot game where the mascot is a man’s most beloved comrade. Smoking Dogs Online Slot is truly a most joyous experience with many opportunities of earning real cash. 

If you are looking to try your luck in the slot games or looking to try something different, regarding your same old slot game, then right here at True Blue Casinos you can experience a whole kind of different game. The chances of winning have never been easier until now. Smoking dogs are proving without a doubt why dogs are very much indeed man’s best friend.

In this Smoking Dogs slot review, you will learn how to win real money on the slots it’s not that hard with the Smoking Dogs by your side.

If you are a dog lover and a lover of slot games, then this is the slot game for you.

Smoking Dogs SloSmoking Dogs Online Slot Gamet Review

Smoking Dogs gets a doggie treat for the sheer amount of ways in which our greatest companions in life reward us in our endeavours in earning real money online. The number of free spins that are not as copious as other Fugaso games – however, it does get a great level of praise for the number of ways in which you can start to win and earn money. “That’s a good boy” and “This is a good slot game.”

The different ways in which a player can win are very high, with that being about 243 different ways of being able to win some type of reward.  And when you couple the RTP with the 243 different ways of winning, that equals, well a lot of money.

Now what really distinguishes this online slot game from others is the wagerings. The minimal amount that can be wagered is $25. Now that may very well be a great incentive for many, especially for those who like to gamble with high stakes. And when you add the wages and you couple the high RTP, which sits at 96.5% then you are looking at a high level of profit returning to you.

Coupling the RTP with the amount that is being waged, the chances of getting serious amounts of money is a great allure for many players. Even if you don’t know the rules of online slots, you have the opportunity to play this game for free. Once you have discovered which images and what items are worth something you can better prepare yourself for the games ahead.

The Theme

The overall theme of the Smoking Dogs is really something to shake your tail at, and we know this to be true for those dog lovers. The images of the different dogs are some of the best displays of our faithful companions and Fugaso has again delivered on stunning visuals.

Features and BonusesFeatures on Smoking Dogs Slot

As much as I love my dogs, I may have fallen more in love with these virtual dogs, sorry Zack. Fugaso games really know how to reward their dedicated and loyal players, and they do so with the numerous ways in which a player can earn money. The high RTP and the wages that can bet the amount of money that can be earned are truly my best friends. Smoking Dogs offers players 243 different ways to earn and as a result bonuses and rewards are quite plentiful.

Landing on certain pooches and other lovable dog images will greatly increase the spins that you can spend and later on add to your jackpot earning. The jackpot earning is where this game really shines. And it becomes very obvious, after winning many rounds and earning money, as to why the number of free spins is quite small.

Man’s Best Friend

It can be very difficult trying to stand out from a host of online slot casino games. Sometimes to stand out you have to do something that will draw some kind of attention to you, even if that something is perceived as bad. The sheer amounts of ways to win coupled with the 25.00 wager is a great way to get more people to pay this game. Thanks to the high RTP and the insane amount of bonuses and rewards which lend to your overall earning power, this game is truly an entertaining game.

The designers of Fugaso created a game that is fairly easy to play as well as easy to earn money and coupled with the appealing designs, the game offers its own touch of style and fun to keep people coming back for more.

If you fancy yourself as a dog lover and a person who loves online slot games, then Smoking Dogs really is the game for you. We are quite certain that veterans of the online slot game world will most certainly have a great time at this game and will probably become as addicted to the amount that the can potentially earn as the dog has become addicted to the cigarette.

The overall experience is very much enjoyable and heck we aren’t just saying that because we are dog lovers, even though dogs are absolutely “pawsitively” outstanding animals. This game is indeed a great game in its own right as well as entertaining experience.

With a huge amount that can be earned and a jackpot to be desired this game surely knows how to excite their players. Play your cards right and who knows maybe you will be rewarded for being a good player.

With a vast amount of wins on your side, the money is all but guaranteed to you. So why not give it a go.