Spooky Wins Slot Review

Spooky Wins Slot Review

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    October 2023
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    Video Slot
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By Ryan White Updated: November 2023

Australia’s favorite RTG online casinos have just unveiled its latest online slot and it’s nothing short of spooktacular. “Spooky Wins” is here to bewitch your senses. Are you brave enough to enter this eerie mansion?

Will you dare to spin the reels and uncover the mansion’s riches? With every spin, you’ll delve deeper and discover rooms teeming with unexpected surprises. No more gum-flapping; step into the thrilling world of Spooky Wins and get ready for an adventure that’s equal parts fright and delight!

Gameplay That Sends Chills Down Your Spine

From the moment you spin Spooky Wins, you’re met with vivid, cartoonish graphics and creepy-cute characters that instantly capture your attention. The game’s soundtrack, a blend of spooky and whimsical tunes, keeps you on your toes while the animations, from the werewolf’s gleeful pounce to the ghost’s spectral drift, are smooth and engaging.

Playing is a breeze: simply select your bet, hit ‘spin,’ and watch as symbols of pumpkins, witches, and ghouls line up on 30-paylines for your potential wins. From Wild Reels to Expanding Wilds, almost countless multipliers from x5 to x100 plus a jackpot and a top award of 30,000 coins, it’s one of those pokies that makes it easy to leave with your pockets full!

Exploring the Thrills of Spooky Wins: A Guide to the General Rules and Features

General Rules Of Spooky Wins

At the heart of Spooky Wins are its general rules that provide the framework for an enthralling gaming experience. Let’s break them down:

  1. Paylines: Spooky Wins offers 30 paylines during the Base Game and a thrilling 60 during the Expanded Reels feature. These paylines are fixed, meaning players cannot change their number.
  2. Winning Combinations: To secure a win, identical matching symbols must appear consecutively on an active payline, starting from the leftmost reel to the right. The paytable offers details on winning combinations.
  3. Highest Win: In the case of multiple wins on a single spin, only the highest win on an active payline is paid. 
  4. Total Bet: The total bet is determined by multiplying the bet per line by the number of lines.
  5. Multiplier Magic: Line wins are multiplied by the bet per line. Scatter wins, on the other hand, are first multiplied by the total bet and then added to line wins.
  6. Maximum Win: The maximum win per paid spin is an astonishing 30,000 times the bet per line. It’s important to note that all features will stop when this maximum win is achieved.

Bonus Wheel Feature

One of the highlights of Spooky Wins is the Bonus Wheel feature, which can be triggered both during the Base Game and Free Games. Here’s what you need to know about this spine-tingling feature:

  • – When the Bonus Wheel feature activates, players spin to reveal one of the following Instant Prizes: 5x, 10x, 12x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x, 50x, 60x, 75x, 100x, or even the coveted Jackpot.
  • – Any Instant Prize up to 100x the bet is added to the line winnings, boosting your potential rewards.

Wild Reels Feature

In the midst of your gameplay, the Wild Reels feature might come to life unexpectedly, adding a layer of excitement to your Spooky Wins adventure. Here’s what it entails:

  • – When triggered, two entire reels transform into Wild symbols, promising a thrilling spin that could lead to exciting winning combinations. These Wild symbols are taken into account when calculating your wins.

Expanding Reels Feature

The Spooky Wins gameboard has a surprise in store known as the Expanding Reels feature. This feature can trigger randomly during the Base Game and Free Games:

  • – The gameboard expands to an impressive 5×6 configuration, offering a total of 60 paylines for potential wins.
  • – During the Base Game, winning combinations are paid out as in a regular spin. However, once the feature concludes, the gameboard reverts to its original size, setting the stage for more thrilling gameplay.

Free Games Feature

The Free Games feature is a delightful addition to Spooky Wins, providing even more opportunities for excitement:

  • – During the Base Game, you can earn 10, 15, or 20 Free Games when 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols grace your gameboard, respectively.
  • – What makes this feature truly special is that the Bonus Wheel, Wild Reels, and Expanded Reels features can trigger randomly during Free Games, and they appear more frequently, elevating your chances of striking it lucky.
  • – Keep an eye out for the possibility of receiving 2 additional Free Games randomly during the Free Games feature, ensuring that the fun never ends.
  • – Free Games come to a close when no more remain or when you reach the maximum payout, offering a satisfying conclusion to your gaming session.
New Online Slot Spooky Wins

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of playing Spooky Slots:


  1. Entertaining Theme: Spooky Slots offers a unique and entertaining spooky theme, making it a fun and engaging gaming experience for those who enjoy supernatural and Halloween-themed slots.
  2. Impressive Graphics: The game features vivid, cartoonish graphics and creepy-cute characters, enhancing the visual appeal and immersiveness of the gameplay.
  3. Varied Features: Spooky Slots comes with a range of features, including Wild Reels, Expanding Reels, Free Games, and a Bonus Wheel, providing players with numerous ways to win and stay entertained.
  4. Multiple Paylines: With 30 paylines during the Base Game and 60 during the Expanded Reels feature, there are plenty of opportunities to land winning combinations and boost your payouts.
  5. High Winning Potential: The game offers various ways to win, including multipliers from x5 to x100, a jackpot, and a top award of 30,000 coins, giving players the chance to win significant prizes.
  6. Bonus Wheel: The Bonus Wheel feature can be triggered during both the Base Game and Free Games, offering the possibility of instant prizes and jackpots, adding an exciting element to the gameplay.
  7. Frequent Bonus Features: The Free Games feature includes the Bonus Wheel, Wild Reels, and Expanded Reels, which can trigger more frequently during Free Games, increasing your chances of winning.


  1. Spooky Theme May Not Be for Everyone: The Halloween-themed and supernatural elements may not appeal to players who prefer more traditional slot themes.
  2. High Volatility: Spooky Slots is known for its high volatility, which means that while the potential for big wins is there, it can also lead to longer periods without significant payouts.
  3. Complex Features: The game’s multiple features, including Wild Reels, Expanding Reels, and the Bonus Wheel, may be overwhelming for players who prefer simpler, more straightforward slot games.
  4. Limited Betting Options: Some players may find the limited betting options restrictive, especially if they prefer to adjust their bets more extensively.
  5. Max Win Limit: The game has a maximum win limit of 30,000 times the bet per line, which may disappoint players looking for slots with the potential for unlimited progressive jackpots.
  6. Requires a Taste for Spooky Themes: To fully enjoy Spooky Slots, players should have an appreciation for the spooky and supernatural theme, which may not be to everyone’s liking.

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In summary, Spooky Wins is an online slot game that not only offers a gripping gaming experience with its general rules but also dazzles players with its fantastic features. With its spine-tingling potential and the chance to secure massive wins, Spooky Wins is a game that’s perfect for those who love a touch of the supernatural in their gaming adventures.