Trump It Slot Review

Trump It Slot Review

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    June 2016

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By Gavin Harper Updated: June 2023

Okay, when I first saw this game and read the title I was thinking, "Hm, really!" But then thinking back on Trump's escapades and influences in different media it is not that hard to believe that a game would be based on him. Trump It casino slot is a game based on Trump's stride to becoming president. 

Now we have seen it all in the online casino slot game (disregarding politics). In this online pokies earn money while you get a good chuckle at some otherwise serious characters. The game offers players a broad array of money and delivers a rather humorous looking imagery of Trump and a few other noticeable public figures. 

Offering players a truly engaging and entertaining time the Trump It casino slot will have you coming back for more simply because of the sheer enjoyment of the game. 

If you are looking for an enjoyable game, then this may very well be the online slot game for you. 

Welcome to the World of Trump

Online Pokies - Trump ItIn this online slot game, the developers have made it an effort to make this game as enjoyable as possible. The game takes great shots at the new president by representing him as the joker many reels. But aside from the political undertones, the game is very entertaining to play. The number of free spins, coupled with beautiful animation and a decent amount of money that can be earned are the best reasons to play this game. 

Boasting an RTP of 96.5% the game offers players a huge opportunity to earn money. The audio of this particular games was for me very nostalgic and sounded like a 90s arcade game. Coupled with the statue of liberty and the wonderful animation this game was very reminiscent of "Rampage." 


The gameplay is quite amazing, and I am not going to lie, nit being a fan of the new president, the idea of him being a  joker is something that resonates with me. However, I have to say the audio for this particular game was really outstanding and the change of different musical score when earning free spins to get a set of items together was really exciting. 

Maybe it's me, but the audio was really entertaining to listen to and the imagery if the character popping up when the set of them are connected was really interesting. The designer has done a great job on the visual appeal of this game.

Bonus and Rewards

This game, like many online games, offers players a wide array of free spins which later lend to the players receiving a huge amount of bonuses and rewards. As mentioned before the payout for players is quite high with the RTP being at 96.5%. With this high rate of payment coupled with the high number of free chances that are given the chance of winning big is fairly easy and this is not an exaggeration. 

Just a few minutes into the game and I had won up to 5 free spins. Lining up three of the Trump joker mages is where you can really earn big and where the game really becomes more exciting. 

The three joker Trump images aren't as rare, despite them being the wildcards, as you think. The come up quite a lot and I was really surprised by the amount it appeared. 

Free GameTrump It - Online Pokies 

In this online game, you can play free slots online to get the hang of the game or better to have fun. The visual appeal fo this game alone is quite entertaining, but the gameplay is also a very exciting experience. If you are new to the online world of slot casino games or if you are someone who is new to the online slot games then this is a great game to test your foot in the water. Offering the ability to play for free is a great incentive to at the very least give it a try. 

Final Thoughts

The Trump It casino excels in the area of visual and audio design. I honestly can not applaud the designer enough over the sheer level of detail they put into the game, and the musical scores are truly something to be appreciated. The overall gameplay of the game was relatively easy but fun nonetheless. 

This is really a very simple game to play pokies online, and the fact that you can play the game for free is without a doubt a huge incentive to give the game a try. Offering players a huge amount of free spins, great bonuses and nice rewards (that come from getting enough joker Trumps) this game is really a "must play" for slot game lovers. 

If you are looking for a new slot game to play or simply new to the slot casino games online, then this is very much the online slot game for you. With truly so little to lose it would be a shame not to try your luck at this online slot casino masterpiece. 

If you are a lover of 90s games like us, then the musical scores alone will keep you coming back. 

Insane amount of jackpot wins to be won, an epic musical score, an outstanding gameplay and even more a game that pokes fun at Trump this is truly one of the best online slot games to play. 

Why not show your patriotism and start earning money at poking fun at the new President.