Australian Federal Elections 

By Ryan White Updated: June 2023

Updated- After nearly ten years in power, Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party are now the opposition. The new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will start his international duties immediately at the summit in Tokyo on Tuesday. At the time of writing it is still unclear if the Labor Party will form a majority as both parties lost out to independents.

Scott Morrison is the outgoing Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party who helped Australia successfully navigate the trials and tribulations of Covid. However, amid critiques of his character from top members of his own party and others, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is facing a public mood backlash.

With compulsory voting, all eligible Australian nationals must register and vote in federal elections, by-elections, and referendums under federal electoral law. There is expected to be a 90%+ turnout but what are the key issues Australians are voting for?

Key Issues For Australian Voters

Australians have many issues that they are concerned about. With rising inflation, many Australians are feeling the pinch. Morrison and his opposition Labour Party leader Anthony Albanese know that voters take economic reform seriously. 

After a global pandemic and concerns about climate change, the electorate needs to have trust in the government. People need to feel they are voting for someone who they can trust. With allegations of corruption voters are going to show who they trust to set up and deliver on the promise of political integrity.

Whilst it appears that Morrison has abandoned the promise he made there are many who have cause for concern other political leaders are aware of how much influence the land-based gambling industry has on the political parties.

Australian Federal Elections Hot Topic Gambling Reform

Gambling reform is hardly mentioned by the two major parties. It should come as no surprise that Australian gambling companies continue to be major contributors to political parties. So why should this be a political debate?

Not only does the gambling industry directly fund political parties they also pay huge amounts of taxes. In economically uncertain times people do not want to lose income. If online casinos were regulated there would be a greater flow of taxable income into the country and all services would benefit.

 It may not be illegal to donate to a political party but if your party’s finances are questionable then what does that say about your policies. 

Gambling Companies Donations To Political Parties

When you break down the donations state by state it is clear that where it is unlawful for the gambling industry to donate to political parties the donations are curbed. 

NSW is the only state that has banned the donations but a loophole allowing non-profits to donate means there has been a million donated. In Queensland more than double that amount has been donated in half the time. Most surprising is the number of donations that have come from the Canberra region

Landbased Casinos Corruption Scandal.

The recent findings against Crown Casino and its rival Star Casino have prompted people to question the nature of money flowing into those casinos. If these operators are supporting the two political parties voters should question the integrity of those parties receiving such donations.

As online casinos are regulated and audited by third parties it becomes a preferable option for those who enjoy a spin on a pokie or a roulette wheel. Knowing that games are tested for fairness makes a punter happy. It is better to regulate the industry than impose a draconian ban.

Election Promises On Gambling Reform

If the two major parties are going to remain silent on this issue it is up to the other parties to raise it. Green Party leader Adam Bandt wants to ban pokies from bars, pubs and clubs across the region. He thinks the state should not rely on the $3 billion income generated from them. 

Green Party Proposes Ban On Pokies In NSW

The party has a plan to remove EMGs from the state and he is willing to spend billions to do so. The money will give businesses a level of financial support as they will incur huge losses. 

There may be 20% of the world pokies in Australia but the problem of gambling statistics accounts for under 1.5% of the population.

Curb Gambling Advertising In South Australia

Controversial independent Senate candidate Nick Xenophon wants to stop sports betting advertising at a time when children are watching TV. This would be under the same legislation that stops adverts for alcohol. 

Xenophon asserts that the levels of sports betting addiction are high and it is harming the youth. In a world where young people have the world on their phones, it seems that some politicians are not campaigning with young Australian voters in mind.

Should We Regulate Online Casinos In Australia?

Voters cast their votes on Saturday 21st May. The issue of gambling reform is probably low on many Australians’ minds but the integrity of the leadership is something that is important. The idea of banning something is not solving the underlying issues. There have been sweeping reforms in the online gambling and online casinos operating in Australia.

Perhaps it is time to provide comprehensive gambling regulations across all sectors. What do you think?

So, what will Australian voters think about regulating online casinos? It’s hard to say. On the one hand, it could be seen as a way to protect consumers and ensure that gambling is done in a safe and responsible manner. On the other hand, some people may feel that this infringes on their personal liberties or amounts to government overreach.

True Blue Opinion

This is a complicated issue with many pros and cons. Some people feel that regulating online casinos will protect consumers and ensure that gambling is done safely and responsibly. This is what we at True Blue Casino strive for.

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