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Gambling has always attracted and intrigued people. In an era of public scrutiny, we know what everyone is doing especially celebrities. The mystique of casino gambling has been debunked and we can all explore real money casinos and look for some high adrenaline, glamorous entertainment.

From Mozart and Casanova to modern-day legends such as Matt Damon, Paris Hilton, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Brad Pitt are drawn to gambling. So many famous people have graced land-based casinos across the world. This is replicated in online casinos which also feature irresistible bonuses with lucrative VIP clubs, live dealer betting, and thousands of pokies and table games.

There are many fun things to do at a casino, online or offline. Whether you prefer pokies, blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, baccarat, bingo, lotteries, or dice, modern casinos offer immersive experiences even celebrities can't resist. Sports betting is also a gambling scene with a culture of its own with millions of fans, including our beloved icons.

High Rollers In Casinos

Famous Celebrities Who Love to Gamble

If you like to gamble and have a lot to wager with, you can explore high roller opportunities to claim huge bonuses and bet larger stakes at the table. The image we have is of James Bond at the roulette table.

Many movies feature roulette and the sense of danger it projects. These people play for high stakes and high rewards. It certainly glamorizes casinos as we love the unpredictability it offers.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is the first name that pops up when talking about high rollers. Matt is an extraordinary actor with an Academy Award and five Oscar nominations. His affinity for gambling began following his on-screen roles in the hugely successful movie Rounders in 1998.

The movie saw Matt play the role of Mike McDermott, a law student and gifted poker player, and went through the coaching of professional poker player John Chan. He also retained an interest in gambling long after the movie ended.

The A-Lister has been spotted across famous world casinos and is known to claim poker bonuses, play blackjack, and enjoy roulette.

Celebrity World of Poker

Many celebrities, including Matt Damon, fancy poker. The classic table card game has several variants and is one of the most popular games worldwide. Online casinos and live dealer setups make it much easier to access instant poker tables. Here are celebrities in the world of poker:

1.      Ray Romano

If you've watched Everybody Loves Raymond, you should know the star has many other talents, including real-life poker. Ray is an accomplished actor, but his reputation as a top-rated poker player hasn't gone unnoticed. His regular participation in the World Series of Poker is proof of his interest in the game.

2.      Brad Pitt

Star actor Brad Pitt is another famous actor known to take pleasure in casino games, and his preferred choices are poker and blackjack. As with most famous actors, Pitt went to real casinos in preparation for his scene and indulged in gambling long after his movie success.

3.      Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is Matt Damon's best bud, famously known for his role in the 2013 crime thriller Runner Runner. Like Matt, Ben is a poker and blackjack expert known to spend time exploring famous casinos to enjoy the thrill of playing for stakes. Casino croupiers have even reported generous tips from one of Hollywood's most popular actors.

Glamourous Las Vegas Connection

Las Vegas is a gambling hub and hosts some of the most luxurious casinos in the world, attracting celebrities and other high rollers. Here are three stars who express their love of Las Vegas, particularly its gambling scene and experiences:

1.      Jessica Simpson

Known for her roles as an actress and musician, Jessica Simpson doesn’t hide her appreciation for Las Vegas casinos. She even bought a suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Vegas, guaranteeing world-class recreational gambling whenever she wants.

2.      Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is no stranger to gambling and its delights. She is often spotted in the City of Lights, exploring games across different Las Vegas casinos. In addition, Paris enjoys online casino games and regularly plays between her daily routines, engagements, and shopping trips.

3.      George Clooney

George Clooney is a famous high-roller and has visited the world’s best casinos staking in his favourite games. The accomplished actor loves to gamble so much that he tried to buy a casino in Las Vegas back in 2005, although the plan didn’t materialize. He loves to explore Las Vegas casinos and spin the roulette wheel.

Rappers Delight

Rappers and singers like to gamble just as much as everybody else. Many rappers grace local and international casino hubs to explore craps, blackjacks poker, roulettes. Iconic celebrities like Jay Z, Nelly, P Diddy, and Birdman all admit to taking delight in casino games. However, one name rings in everyone’s ears when mentioning rappers who love to gamble:

50 Cent

American hip-hop artist and business mogul 50 Cent is one of many rappers with an affinity for playing for high stakes in casino games. 50 Cent also has a reputation for his sportsbook exploits and wagering on sports events. He once bet $2 million on Manny Pacquiao to lose a boxing match and a similar stake on the 49ers against New York Giants and won.

The Power Of Sportsbetting

Many celebrities gamble, and thousands will admit to placing at least one bet somewhere. Others spend millions of dollars on funding their entertainment, while some win fortunes from the same. Famous spots icons like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Floyd Mayweather Jr are known to bet on sports. Designers, musicians, models, and media personalities also partake in the global pastime.

Glitz & Glamour Of Casino

Celebrities live extravagant lives. They love going on luxurious vacations and hosting grand parties. Those at the top of their game enjoy thrilling challenges and excitement. Where better to explore these emotions than at a casino? Sign up today and enjoy the party from the comfort of your own home. With the highs of winning and the lows of not, we will continue to hear about celebrities playing and wagering at casinos.

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