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Play Craps for Fun

Craps could sometimes be an intimidating game that seemingly appears to be a puzzle that people just don't understand. But, when you learn how to play craps for real money you can start winning big and enjoying yourself.

The trick to playing real money craps is learning what you need to know and ignoring everything else that might be there as a distraction. You can play this game by simply placing one bet referred to as the pass line bet. If you prefer you can always learn how to place other bets but the first tool you want to add to your crap game belt is the pass line bet.

Playing online craps for Real Money

When you start off playing real money casino craps online obviously you will need to sign up at a virtual Casino. If you want to learn how to play the game and practice the different sets and strategies you have gleaned from the internet you can always locate an online casino that offers a free version before you start playing with your own money. This affords you the opportunity to practice until you are certain you can ignore things you want to ignore and pay attention to the things that are most important. If you have found a website that you like you can always sign up with an account and simply postpone depositing money until you have gotten the hang of things with the free version. Then you can deposit money, take advantage of deposit bonuses, and start playing with your hard-earned cash.

Getting started

Playing Craps for Real MoneyThe first thing you will need to play online craps are some virtual chips with which to bet. Instead of putting down cash on the table and receiving chips from a live dealer you do the same thing but on your computer screen or your mobile phone. You will find that there is a minimum bet listed for each table on which you play. You can find minimum bets that are simply $1 or $5, and Big Spenders can find minimum bet tables that are $25 and higher.

Shooting your dice is the next step. Every player has to take turns rolling the dice even though you are all betting on the same role. You actually win or lose your bet whether you are the person rolling the dice or not. And if you don't want to virtually roll in a traditional Casino you don't have to but obviously, if you are playing online it's just a few clicks of your mouse. Whoever is currently rolling the dice, which could be someone else if you are playing with a live dealer game that has multiple players, but it could simply be yourself, continue until you get a 7. 7 is known as sevening out in which case it is someone else's turn.

When you look at the numbers on the dice after they have been rolled, all of the numbers that are talked about with regard to craps refer to the total number, not one of the numbers or the other. So, when someone gets a seven that means that the total number across all of the dice equals 7.

The Pass Line

When you are making your bet in a game of craps, the pass line bet will have a house Edge of 1.41%. Out of every game you play in a virtual casino this is going to be the lowest house Edge you see. For this reason, many people love to play craps because they can win a lot more than they would at any other game.

To make your pass line bet you have to wait until the dealer starts a new round and then you put your virtual chips in the area that is marked past line on the table. The shooter, who could be yourself or could be a virtual player, picks up the dice to roll them and then they let the dice go. If you are playing a live casino game you will see the dealer more than likely picking these up and tossing them. If you are playing a virtual game, you will likely see this happening across your screen thanks to random number generators.

Once the dice stop moving when you play real money craps, if you see the number 7 or the number 11 you are a winner. If you see the number 2, 3, or 12 you lose.  If you see the number 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 it means you enter the point round.  So, in a game of craps, you are literally either going to win, lose, or go to the point round.  if you win you get your payout. If you lose your virtual chips are taken away if you entered into the point round you roll again and the dealer calls the point. If the shooter roles 7 you lose.

Once you have mastered this particular aspect of the game right here at Play Pokies Online you will be well on your way to making real money when you play craps with online casino bonuses. You can win good money practising your skills and taking advantage of bonus offers with the casino sites you are using.

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