Winning Online Craps with Successful Strategies

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There are plenty of players who try to figure out what bets are the best bets for a craps game and what they should avoid playing. Most of the players who are more advanced will try to avoid all of the bets at the come and pass lines and they will only place in very strategic places. There are not as many strategies for online craps as there are for other online games like roulette simply because the rules are different and the opportunities to win are different. You're much more limited in the different ways you can win for a craps game then you are for a roulette game. But that doesn't mean you can't use strategy with online craps.

Free Odds with Online Casino Craps

Online Craps StrategiesPlacing free odds along the line when you play craps is the most common strategy that expert craps players use. The casino Edge is going to drop and in some cases, you can get it to where there's no Edge in the free odds that you have placed. If for example in a pass line that the current house Edge is sitting at 1.41%, you can place a free odd on that bet and suddenly the house Edge will drop to 0.8%. If you choose to place double odds you can drop the house Edge to 0.6%. And every time you add to your odds you end up lowering the house Edge continually.

Using a Craps Strategy

To use this strategy effectively you place your chips behind your original bet on the line and this adds to the free odds. Compared to the pass line bet, this option allows you to remove the bets at any time and place them at any time after the come out roll. It is important for you as the player to know the amount that you are able to add because that always depends on the casino in question. One Casino might allow you to double your bet we're as another casino might allow you up to 100 times the bet you originally placed. Obviously,  it is in your best interest if you are going to employ the strategy to find a casino that has more favourable options such as betting up to 100 times the original bet rather than just doubling it.

Craps Rules

 With Craps, you can keep a sheet with house edges and different bets on you at all times. You can open up a new card game on your desktop and have a cheat sheet with different statistics associated with different moves on your phone. You can have a book on your lap or another website open at the same time.  The free games are designed to help you figure out what the rules are, what strategies you are allowed to use and what things are prohibited so that you know when you go to a real game or a live game or a game for real money what the rules are. Knowing the rules and enjoying the games you are playing means that you will come back more often, you will play more often, and all of that is good business for the casinos.

How to play Online Craps with Bonuses

In addition to the many different ways that you can play this game, it is in your best interest to take advantage of casino bonuses. There are many casino bonuses out there designed to help you take advantage of the lower operational costs associated with best online casinos. Given the fact that it doesn't cost online casinos nearly as much money to operate, all of the house edges that you would get for these types of table games are lower which means they're in your favour and you can win more money. The special Casino bonuses that are offered are things like match bonuses offered to you when you first sign up with a website or when you first to use the mobile platform rather than the desktop platform. These bonuses typically match the amount of money that you deposit.  That means whatever percentage is listed on the website is the percentage that will be matched. If the website offers a 200% match bonus up to $500 that means you can deposit any amount you want but the first $500 you deposit will be matched 200% giving you an extra $1,000 with which to gamble.

 There are strings attached to such bonuses. If you want to play craps with online casino bonuses you have to make sure that you follow whatever requirements are listed on the casino site. Some casinos require you to play a game a certain number of times the, bet a certain amount of money or fulfil all of these requirements within 7 days.  Knowing what is required of you will help you to maximize your profits and use the money wisely so that you can withdraw your winnings quickly. The purpose of these restrictions is a security measure to prevent people from signing up, receiving a bonus, and leaving without ever betting with real money.

 Sign up at a recommended online casino and put these tips to use on an exciting craps game.

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