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Try the smaller Jackpot slots

Playing progressive slots is not for the weak at heart! In fact, for serious progressive jackpot pokies players, a lot of thought and strategy goes into playing and into the big win. Some experienced winners use carefully planned progressive slot strategy to beat slots by either using slot play to win various kinds of bonuses, free spins or promotional gifts. Others prefer to use strategies that either limit their slot play to only play progressive slots where the jackpot is humungous, or they employ mathematical probability systems to ensure a much higher likelihood of winning the biggest windfalls you can find in any online casino: progressive jackpots.


Tricks for Success

Despite the fact that we are talking about the strategies of beating slot games and winning progressive jackpot slots, you ought to know that there is no absolute guarantee of hitting the jackpot, especially on progressive slots, since an externally regulated random number generator ensures the results are just that: random.

All jackpots start at a low number and slowly get higher and higher as more people join in the game. In time, the jackpot hits what is known as the “breaking point” that is when the jackpot value is big enough that the serious players start to join in. At that point, you’ll see the jackpot amount start to climb at faster and faster rates. It can quickly jump from a mere couple of hundred thousand to a few million in a matter of days as more people around the world join the race to hit the big one.

If you are serious about hitting the jackpot, it helps if you are good at maths, enjoy playing pokies online regularly and have a high dedication to winning the big score. Below are actionable tips you can use to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot in the biggest progressive pokies online.


Secrets To Win At Progressive Online Slots

To win progressive pokie jackpots, you first need to not only be playing slots for real money at a real money casino but also place the maximum bet when you play. Then when you hit the right payline combination on any spin, as in any other online video slot, you will be transported to a bonus game within the slot game. Sometimes there is just one bonus level, but other games can have two or more levels. Then you will need to play the bonus game and win again to unlock the big jackpot.

This is easier said than done, but there are tricks and strategies you can use to win the jackpot. It is largely a matter of luck because the winning combinations are determined by a very sophisticated and regulated random number generator, but many of the progressive jackpot pokies also have smaller cash prizes you can win and accumulate to sizeable amounts.

Read the Slot Information Guide

Every online progressive jackpots game has its own set of rules to play the game and win. You can find the specific rules for each jackpot pokie game in the information section by clicking on the 'i' icon that will appear on the game's page: usually it appears in the top right hand corner or on the right side. One of the most common rules is that you must wager the maximum amount to be in the running to get the progressive jackpot. Few people read through the game rules, because playing the game itself is pretty simple and straightforward. But the game information is usually set out pretty simply as well, often in picture form. And there is almost no greater disappointment in the online gaming world than someone who plays the jackpot game, wins the bonus round, but doesn't get the jackpot itself because they either didn't bet the maximum or didn't pay attention to some other simple requirement.

Don't Just Aim for the Big JackpotTry the smaller Jackpot slots

The best way to make huge sums of money playing progressive slots is by aiming to win smaller amounts that can add to huge sums. Professional gamblers do not play with the intention of hitting the biggest jackpot. They put in hours of play every day and in the course of that time; they get to win smaller amounts of a few thousand dollars that can add up to more than the jackpot amount over time.

Put in the Hours

As many of the progressive jackpot winners will testify, they scheduled their progressive slot playing time into their daily routine. Although winning the jackpot does not depend on how much time you spend and even a first time progressive slot player could hit the jackpot, it's only logical that the more you play, the more likely you are to win the big one. Past winners who have won at progressive slots will almost always tell you how much time they put into the game before they won. The win is also more meaningful if you have laboured and played hard to get your wins. Try playing jackpot pokies and see for yourself!


Choose Your Slots Carefully

There are hundreds of progressive online slots and the progressive jackpot grows higher with each play and the number of people playing. While the bigger jackpot wins are obviously more attractive, many winners advise playing the lower jackpot games, such as the original Dark Knight slot, because you have better odds of winning. Besides, the 'lower' jackpot amounts are usually in the hundreds of thousands or even the low millions, so winning these jackpots is hardly a disappointment!

Randomness, Probability and Progressive Slot Strategy

Multiple jackpot options

The best way to earn big bucks is in creating a strategy you can use to beat the mathematical algorithm system. Popular strategies include choosing machines and games with jackpot pokies of smaller amounts or dividing or spacing out your daily game play schedule. But in essence, the software behind progressive jackpot pokies is designed to be purposefully random and both the casinos and the software companies are under strict regulations to ensure that both the wins are mathematically random and that the winners get the payouts!

So if you are actually a maths whizz and good with probability sequences, you will know that there are multiple ways to map and predict almost all randomly occurring events. There have been countless mathematical schools devoted to predicting what was previously believed random 'acts of god', ie. the unpredictable. And while their pinpoint accuracy is debatable, the success of their general accuracy is undeniable. Some of the more common mathematical prediction methods include the Fibonacci sequence, the Martingale and the D'Alembert systems. These mathematical sequences are used to predict the weather, statistics, insurance rates as well as countless other previously 'random' events. Modern scientists and economists use probabilities to the great benefit of all mankind in all aspects of our lives. But the father of mathematical probability prediction sequencing was the famous 17th century mathematician and inventor, Blaise Pascal, who was also, by chance, the inventor of the roulette wheel and an avid gambler.

So why not use these strategies and the science of probabilities to your own advantage to play and win the biggest jackpots on the planet?


What would you do with all that money? Start playing online jackpot pokies at a recommended online casino and perhaps you'll find out for yourself!

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