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Jackpot Progressive Pokies

Jackpot Progressive PokiesOnline pokies are the most popular casino game whether in brick and mortar or online gambling sites. Winning big jackpots is possible with progressive slots. But how does one play to win with this game?

How to Play Free Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot games work like the usual slots games except that one can win real big money. One merely has to place a bet and spin the reels and wait for them to stop.  Arguably, playing slots sounds easy, but it can be quite complicated for first timers.  When playing slots, one has to remember some basic concepts. The first is the payline, which is the designated line of the table where winning combinations matter. Most paylines start from left to right or vice versa while some can be diagonal. To win, one must have the same symbols for the payline.

Free Prog Slots-Fun Mode

  • Online casinos offer the demo or fun mode where players can play for fun without having to place real money bets. There are many advantages of playing in the demo mode.
  • Playing in demo mode helps players become familiar with the game. After all, slots games including progressive ones vary in their pay line system. Some online progressive slots have diagonal pay lines, or straight ones or something more complicated. Playing in this mode will help determine if the game’s mechanics are easy enough for a player to understand and follow.
  • The fun mode also helps determine whether the theme suits the taste of a player as many gamblers have their preferences on their slots games. Play in the fun mode first to know whether a particular game’s theme suits your preferences.
  • The symbols vary from one progressive jackpot pokies game to another. Playing for
    fun lets a player understand which symbols they should be looking out for.

Playing Jackpot Pokies For Free

Most players want to play jackpot games to win real money. The best way to play progressive jackpots for real money is to take advantage of the bonuses.

After all, most if not online casinos offer many bonuses so that players can play more games without hurting their pockets. Below are some of the popular casino bonuses, which can be used to fund progressive slots games.

  •  The no cash deposit bonus as its name suggests lets casino lovers play games for free using the no deposit bonus amount. For example, a player can avail of a $15 no deposit bonus of an online casino, which can be used for progressive jackpots.
  •  Online casinos also offer the free spins bonus. This means players can use the free spins to play real money pokies jackpot games. Just make sure to read the terms of the free spin bonus as some online gambling sites offer this perk to a particular slot game or only on certain days.
  • Match deposit bonuses may also be used for online progressive jackpot pokies. This bonus lets gamblers increase their deposits by a certain percentage without having to spend more for their account balance.
  • A player’s VIP membership can also yield free pokies jackpot games as much online gambling site reward their loyal patrons with free spins or games, no deposit, and match bonuses and even cash back on losses. Check out the perks of the VIP club of your online casino to know how to use these rewards to play more jackpot games.

Understanding The Symbols

A player cannot fully enjoy playing free progressive slot games without understanding the symbols, especially the bonus symbols, which lets gamblers play additional free jackpot pokies.  There was a time when gems and fruits were the widely used symbols, but these days several objects are used as a symbol depending on the slots theme of the game.  It is essential to look out for the bonus symbol since they can increase one’s chances of winning. Pokies bonus online games usually have four kinds of bonus symbols that come with a unique feature.

The first is the scatter symbol, which again differs from one game to another depending on the theme. It is the highest paying of all the symbols, which makes players almost jump from their seat when they see it.  The wild symbol or also known as the “joker card of slots” can be used as a substitute for another kind of symbol. This is useful as it can let players reach the next payout level if they are missing just one same symbol for the payline.

The Free Spins

Spinning the reels come at a cost. And players see their balances diminish if they keep on playing the slots.  Luckily, players are given the bonus rounds with the free spins symbols. This bonus allows for free progressive slots spins without additional cost on the player.

The Standard Bonus Rounds

There is also the standards bonus where players get to play a mini-game that usually offers higher payouts for either higher volumes of symbols or combinations.

Strategies for Winning and Minimizing Losses

Slots do not require much skill except a good understanding of how the game works, unlike other casino games. There are no statistical formula either on how to increase one’s chances of winning.  This, however, doesn’t mean that one should play and bet their money blindly on any slots games. There are several tips that players can follow to help them increase their chances of winning as well as minimize their losses.

Where You Play Matters

All online gambling sites will have many options for slots lovers. However, one has to keep in mind that not all online casinos are created equal.  It is best to find the best online casinos that are suited for your needs especially those that offer slots games jackpots for free by providing attractive and generous bonuses.  Some sites offer a no cash deposit bonus, which lets players play real money games without a cost while others have the match deposit bonus where players are given a chance to increase their chances of winning without having to shell out more money for their deposits.  Online casinos also offer cashback on losses where players can get a certain percentage of their losses credited back on their accounts.

Train Yourself In Demo Mode

Slots games differ in their number of pay lines, themes, and symbols, to name a few. It is best for any player to be familiarized with a particular slots game before playing for real money.  Most sites offer online free jackpots on fun mode, which allows gamblers to enjoy and learn about the slot game without betting money. Playing in fun mode is a practical way of determining the pay line system and the symbols.

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