Nowadays, it seems that portable and handheld devices are considered one of the primary means of communication among most people. Through their digital devices, they can easily connect and perform any type of activity, from ordering stuff online to making financial transactions. In almost any field, digital devices are used, and the casino industry is not an exception.

With the arrival of iPad casinos, it is now possible to play your favourite casino games straight from your iPad device. In fact, the platform has changed the way people gamble at real money casinos online. They possess almost the full functionality of a desktop computer, with the portability and convenience of a mobile phone.

What are iPad Casinos?

iPad casinos are, as the name implies, casinos which are specifically designed for the iPad platform. Basically, the games offered in a casino for iPad are only meant to work for the said device. With an iPad casino, you no longer have to visit a nearby casino to start playing your favourite casino games. Moreover, you can always choose to play on the go since you can bring your iPad with you wherever you want.

Real Money Casino Games for iPad

Recently, leading software providers Playtech, Microgaming, and Net Entertainment have decided to answer the demand for high quality casino games on the iPad platform. Nowadays, it is really easy to find a variety of slot games which are available for your iPad and even iPhone devices, such as Tomb Raider, Tarzan, Megah Moolah and Terminator 2 slots.

Apart from the convenience you can get from gambling on the go, you are also able to try any mobile games for free without making any deposit to your account! To do so, simply create an account on your preferred iPad casino and start trying out different game titles. Once you’re ready to play your favourite online casino games using real money, you simply have to deposit real money into your account to get started. Deposit methods in an iPad/iPhone casino are exactly the same at any online casino, although some restrictions might be placed depending on the country you’re from.

Advantages of an iPad Casino

To begin, we’re going to talk about some of the most obvious reasons as to why you should consider playing casino games from an iPad device as compared to other devices. Things such as the huge size of the screen, along with a friendly and intuitive user interface, are what makes the iPad device an option which is preferred by a lot of users from all around the world.

The iPad is reputed for both functionality and safety, and as a product made by Apple, you can expect new features from the device without even compromising its performance. It is because of this that the iPad is considered one of the most reliable devices for online gambling since you don’t have to deal with recurring system failures and other problems from time to time. Moreover, since Apple has a strict policy regarding the inclusion of an app to their app store, you can guarantee that you won’t come across a fraudulent or dysfunctional application as you play.

One main feature of the newer iPad devices is the amazing graphics brought on by its new retina display technology which is designed to make images more vivid and pixels less visible to the human eye. Bonuses might be a common feature you can find in any casino, although you should take note that iPad users are known to be a privileged group, hence they can expect a lot of amazing benefits from casino operators as a means of keeping them coming back for more. Some bonuses include special offers you can get by using platforms such as Paypal or Bitcoin payment options each time you make a transaction. Lastly, you can expect a huge variety of apps available for iOS devices, hence you can always expect to play your favourite game or even get a chance to try new apps which are offered in the app store.


While playing casino games in an iPad device has its own advantages, it also has a few drawbacks as well. To get an insight of what these drawbacks are, they are as follow:

1. Availability

iPad devices have access to a wide variety of online casino apps you can choose from. However, while this might be an advantage, this could also apply on an opposite direction. Meaning, there are several options which might not be available for your device since they are exclusive only for other operating systems.

2. Capacity

Though considered one of the most advanced gadgets nowadays, iPad devices are somehow limited when it comes to memory size or compatibility with other technologies, such as the use of an SD card for expanding memory capacity, or the use of HDMI wires that will allow you to connect your device to your TV screen for an even wider screen size and higher video quality.

3. Software

One of the biggest drawbacks of playing casino games in an iPad is software compatibility. This is especially true if you play online casino games from your personal computer or Android device and would like to switch to your iPad devices. Since iPad uses iOS, some options which are available from a Windows or Android platform might not be available since they will need a different type of programming work. Hence if you want to play from more than one platform or device, you should make sure that the option for placing your bets is available for various operating systems. 

iPad casinos are without a doubt the most preferred online casino platforms nowadays. Try downloading an iPad casino app right away!

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