Judge Dredd Orders You To Play

Judge Dredd Orders You To Play

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    June 2016

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The most brutal judge, no not Judge Judy, has made his way to the online slot casino world and we honestly couldn't be more excited. In this slot game, the popular comic book character Judge Dredd saves you from your boredom and rewards you with a load of fun and excitement. Judge Dredd online slot allows you to play real money pokies online and be rewarded with real money. 

In this futuristic dystopia that Judge Dredd comes from, never has to earn money been more easy and entertaining as it is in this online slot casino game. Play at the best online casinos and experience an online slot game like never before. Fans of the popular comic book series will fall absolutely in love with the artwork, the designs, and the amazing gameplay that the Judge Dredd online slot offers. 

If you are looking for a new online slot game to play, then read our Judge Dredd slot review. 

We are the Law!

Overview of The Judge Dredd Slot Review

The Judge Dredd Slot game was created by the up and coming slot game designer, NextGen Gaming. The Judge Dredd Sot game is a unique spin on the slot game casino game. The fantastic blend of online slot games and comic book works perfectly, and we wonder why this hasn't been more prevalent in the online casino slot world. 

The Judge Dredd Slot game is a 5 reel slot game that offers players a massive amount of rewards, free spins, and bonuses that will keep you satisfied and thrilled for hours on end. The images that come with the reels as you spin, for fans of the comic book series, are characters and items that are quite familiar. 

For players who are new to the online casino slot game, the designers have created two gameplays for those who are new. You are given the option to play the game for free and just have fun, and at the same time understand the mechanics behind the game. The other option is where you can pay for money. 

That seems pretty fair, coming from the most stringent Judge in all of fiction. 

Wild wins on Judge DreddI Am The Law! The Dredd Theme

The designer of the Judge Dredd slot game beautifully captured the atmosphere and the design of the comic book series flawlessly. The images and the background are topnotch, and being a fan of the comic book, it is amazing to see Judge Dredd pop up to aid in my battle to earn some cash. 

Never has the law been so much in the favour of the citizens than in this dystopian online slot game. Kind of perplexing.

Brutal Bonuses, Rewards, and Features

Where this game truly shines and the gameplay becomes very entertaining comes in the form of the free bonuses and rewards that are given to the players. The bonuses and rewards come in three different tropes. 

  • I Am the Law – For this bonus, you will not see a significant amount of your payout but you will see the Judge himself, and he will reward you with bonuses. 
  • Free Spins – The free spins are given to players periodically. They are given to players when 3 badges show up on the reel. The free spins are quite numerous, and we will explain why a bit further down in the review. 
  • The Wilds – The wild spins are where the money truly is at. For players who are able to get 3-5 consecutive wild spins, the payout is very rewarding. 

The game offers players a plethora of rewards. And as mentioned the free spins are quite copious for the players because of the fact that the RTP is quite high. The RTP is 97% for players. When we say that the law, and in this sense Luck, is on your side, we really mean it. 

The game offers many free spins which greatly increase the chance of the player's payout. All this time I always thought Judge Dredd had a heart of stone, who knew!

Wild Wins feature on Judge Dredd slot gameOther Features

The features are where the gameplay and the amount that is given to the players increase monumentally. That is not an exaggeration. There are three types of spins that will see a much higher RTP for the player, and they are: 

  • Superbet Yellow – activates more wild spins. 
  • Superbet Orange – increase the amount that you can wager. 
  • Superbet Red – activates your wild spin and can couple the wild cards with the amount that you can wager, substantially increasing your odds. 

Verdict? The Court's Adjourned! 

We played the law and the law…won. Judge Dredd is a fantastic online slot game that offers players a plethora of bonuses, rewards, and features that greatly aid in the players earning. The game is exciting, and the imagery of the slots and background are impressive. The game designer captured the visuals flawlessly, and the overall soundtrack greatly compliments the overall feel of the game. 

As a comic book lover, it was very exciting to see Judge Dredd makes his way to the only slot game. With two movies under his belt, it is not that surprising to see him on the slot games. Now just waiting for a Batman slot game and I will be in heaven. 

The Judge Dredd slot game is truly entertaining experience, and if you are new to the online slot game thanks to the free game they designer have implemented in this game you have nothing to lose but a whole lot of fun to gain. 

For veterans this may very well be a sleeper game, so why not give your luck a new arena to play in with this stellar game.